About me

A commoner with strong opinions; which are practically useless, unless one counts the pretentious social gathering conversations. My only conviction in life is to grow better as a person with each passing day. I am not always dressed up, I battle with my weight almost all the time. I am constantly in a dilemma to decide what  matters to me most – food, fashion, technology or fitness — although it would be nice to have it all. I believe I have finally morphed into an “Adult”, I am constantly worried, I get this weird urge to save money and I don’t particularly care for Friday nights anymore. This space, for me, is an attempt to find a support group out there to help get through all the $h#t that i go through.

Ironically, I don’t really have much to say on twitter. Maybe because I can’t fit my thoughts in witty meaningful lines with just 142 characters. But I do love reading witty 142 character tweets, so you can tag me if you have any and I will read them – @Perisc0ping . Taking photographs is relatively easier for me so I am active on Instagram, check me out for mediocre makeup pictures and mostly black, white or grey outfit ensembles – @priphery



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