Fashion Quotient

Let me just start by saying that this is the age for comfort fashion. Practically anything goes – from gym wear, sleepwear to underwear. We see celebs sporting underwear as actual clothes all the time, like they have superhero status.  2016 saw a major robe wave. Here in NYC, I personally saw so many women flaunting their robes in public. I don’t deny how chic it looks; all thanks to Gigi, Kim and their tribes. Thankfully Bollywood celebs didn’t catch on to this. Yet!

Many, like me, follow celebs, IG (Instagram) influencers and lifestyle gurus on social media to find new ways to style lame everyday clothes. That’s not all, there is no set “fashion rule” anymore. Trends are fleeting and short lived. Self-proclaimed stylists display their OOTDs/OOTNs on personal blogs, YouTube channel and other social media outlets. These influencers have taken upon themselves the philanthropic deed of educating us on what’s worth wearing and where to shop to look Instagram ready.

Anna Wintour couldn’t be everywhere so god made Instagram influencers!

– me

I am pretty philanthropic too. From time to time, I contribute to the “influencers pool.” For those who don’t believe me, check me out on Instagram @priphery . But my blog here has mostly been my thoughts and feelings. I am blown away with the love I receive on the blog posts but I can’t just vent out to the world and expect people to read all my emotional turmoil twice a week. That’s just not fair to me or to the readers. I dreamed last night that a girl, while talking about my blog, said to her girlfriend, “ Hey girl! Did you read that crazy sulking bitch’s new post? It is so sad what she is dealing with now. But well, I love reading her posts. Makes my life seem way better!”. So I quickly realized I had to do more than that.

I am taking my IG inspiration and going to write about lifestyle and fashion trends once or twice a month so that there is more than one reason for readers to come back to this blog! I accept I want to be one of the many cliché bloggers who write the most obvious like —  next to a picture of a red top, writing “Oh I love this red top by XYZ. It is so pretty. This is definitely my spring fav. Duh! Like the readers can’t make that out.

All my favs out there, like and comment on the look you like on my IG page and I will be sure to write about it. I am so excited about this new project I have taken upon myself. Now all I have to do is find some model-likes to experiment on! FUN!


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