Happiness – pt .1

I have been thinking of happiness, reading up on it, trying to understand whether I am truly happy. See, the problem with that is the question in itself and who poses it to me. If my mother calls and asks if I am happy, my reply would be an automatic ‘yes’ without any hesitation. That is because my parents live on the other side of the globe plus Indian kids are wired to keep things optimistic on the parental front. Now, if someone at work asked me this, my answer could still probably be a ‘yes’ (except when I am stuck with a mean sadistic manager who is making my life miserable, in which case I would readily say I am so that not happy).

The point here is when I am not happy, does that necessarily mean I am UNHAPPY? I have spent countless hours contemplating answer to this question — sitting on the toilet seat, in the shower, while driving, laying on bed trying to sleep, even while sitting through a very pointless boring meeting sometimes. It is like searching for the meaning of life. There is no definitive answer. At Least I haven’t found one yet.


I wonder if there is a state in between being happy and unhappy. If there such a thing then I am that. If I can coin a term for that I will call it — HAUNPPY! (pronounced: hau-ənæpi). Yes, I have thought of that too. 🙂

I googled ‘what is happiness’ and got nothing meaningful. All our life we are told we should to be happy, we work towards being happy but nobody tells you what exactly happiness is. What is it that we are chasing here. To know whether you are in a state of being “happy”, you need to understand the definition of it. Like pain; you are in pain when it hurts physically or emotionally.

As Lilly Singh says –Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in life. But what is happiness? Buying a house in the Unicorn island? Having 6 million followers on IG? Hermes shoulder bag at 90 percent off? Actually wait, it can be for me. Or even a simple Saint Laurent Tassel Satchel at 75 percent off would make me happy. Yes, I am that shallow, materialistic, and unintelligent being. But that’s besides the point. I am sure happiness from buying a bag would not last me long. I have tried it already. I buy the bag and what? Bag and me live happily ever after? LOL!

I am still studying the concept of happiness. There will be more posts about my understanding on this subject in the future. Anyone out there wants to give it a shot, please leave your responses in the comments section. I never discount the opportunity to learn from anyone.



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