I am sure I am not the only one here who suffers from this Chronic Multimedia Obsession  to constantly be “On the Grid”. I can’t think of a logical reason for my urge to check Facebook feed while i am in the middle of a conversation with someone or checkout the Instagram feed when it has been literally less than 2 minutes since I sat down to write this blog. I can no longer call it just a “bad habit”. It has now surpassed the “habit” limit and become more of a DISORDER.

I am not sure how many people out there feel that they cannot concentrate while having cell-phone next to them. I am one of those people. I always have the music on or even TV turned on in the background while I am working or cooking or literally doing anything. My childhood days were much simpler. The television and music player rights were decided by my parents. I could only watch TV during certain stipulated hours and play songs only while solving math problems or when my parents were not home. Those were much simpler days. So little distraction!

Today, I have to consciously make an effort to keep away from all the distractions that surround me. Google is the worst of all. When I am looking for information on something and I google, an hour easily passes by before I can get anything done. It is like I am in the trippy land. I jump from one search result to the other and next I know, I have gone from searching for “How to make Pav Bhaji” to looking through the Express women’s clothing sale section. Oh dear god, I suppose that is why i never really cook. It is true! When I am really in a mood to cook, I don’t google it. I call my mother, even if it is 4 am in India. Lets just say my mom is way too happy to know I cook once a while to feel disturbed.

So what I am getting at here is that this realization of my dependence on the technology around me has me thinking about how I can minimize distractions and potentially increase my productivity in a consistent way. For starters, i have uninstalled Facebook app from my phone. Thank god FB messenger is a whole separate app, how else will I know I am one click away from connecting with all the wonderful FB friends on my list who I never really speak to EVER.

I am already crying on the inside that i won’t be able to snoop on my frien-emies (that btw is a real word; friends on the outside, enemies on the inside) and crush on my friend’s wonderful travel life like a million times a day. But I suppose I can live without it.

Note to self: Do not reinstall Facebook on your phone.


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