New Resolutions

I have long underestimated how productive early mornings can be. Even more when you can avoid all your electronic gadgets. Growing up, I always had a strict routine. Even through my bachelor’s I was an early riser. I went to bed around 10 or 11-ish and woke up at 5 am. Now that I look back, it is when I came to the United States that my sleep cycle got all messed up and I did nothing to bring it back on track. In fact I made it worse with all the late nights and weekends shenanigans.

Five years later, I am finally convinced that my original routine was better. I have to admit it wasn’t always fun getting up that early, particularly in winters. I love snuggling up in my bed when it’s cold outside. Lately, I feel like the life is passing by without me doing anything besides just the mandatory things, the absolute minimum amount of everything I need to be doing. A month ago, I made a decision to stick to my decisions first of all. And then I decided to try and add things I wanted to change in my life gradually every month of this year.

I am one of those many people who make New Year’s resolutions on the 31st and forget about them a week later. None of my resolutions I have stuck to so far. I eventually gave up altogether on making any more NYE resolutions. But come to think of it, it hasn’t made me feel any better at all. It is like I am robbing myself of that ‘hope to change’. Remember when we were kids and elders would tell us we could be whoever we wanted to be? I never realized how powerful that belief was.

As I grew older I told myself that I had chosen a path and there was no turning back. That isn’t a great feeling. Faith and Hope— I think are two things that keeps us going; keeps us optimistic. The hope to get better or wealthier or smarter and the faith that we will one day be who we want to be are far better to have than knowing this is it. Resolutions are a form of faith. Faith in ourselves lets us believe we can make changes in our life to fulfill the hopes we carry within. Nothing else explains why I still hold onto all my size 4 clothes which I clearly don’t fit into anymore, haven’t been for a few years now. But “HOPE” my friends, that “HOPE” tells me I will shed those extra 30 lbs I put on sitting in front of my computer day in and day out blaming my weight gain on growing age and screwed up women metabolism.

So back to my decisions; I sincerely hope this works out. I have decided not to wait until the next new year’s eve and to start right away. I have decided to take up 2-3 things I want to change in my life each month. Add changes in small doses. It’s been two months and I seem to be on track here. I thought sharing it here will make it more legit. Studies show when you tell others about your resolutions, you feel more accountable and are more likely to keep them.


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