Am I back? AGAIN!

Many a times it so happens that all the great advice I come up with, I have to take it for myself. Well, who doesn’t do it, right! Forgetting something I believed in or said at a point in time in the past is pretty easy. Going back and rethinking the merit of it is challenging. I don’t say this with any vanity but with humble content that, from time to time, I have benefited from my own advice I probably gave my younger self or someone else.

Few weeks ago, a friend from college called and we got to talking about how to set up blogs and what do people usually blog about and such. I passed on some information and forgot all about it until someone on Instagram DM-ed me commenting on a blog post I had written years ago. I had no idea what I had written, so I reread the post. Happy realization to me! — well quite literally here — is something I wrote about three years ago. And it got me thinking, so I went through the rest of my blog posts and realized the last time I posted anything was about a year ago. So I guess that advice I gave myself was quickly forgotten. Lost in work life I suppose. Clearly, I am not very good at keeping my self-made “traditions” or self proclaimed “life changes”.

My former boss once told me I don’t execute more than half the things I work on because I am overly critical of them. He said, “you get so caught up attempting perfection that you lose out on the relevance of your projects at times”. His observation has stuck with me and I have made changes to my approach ever since. I have also noticed self gratification, however petty, works with me. This time I am determined not to fall back into my old pattern of going into indefinite blogging hiatus, so I decided to change things up a bit to get me going.

Firstly, I changed my teen life fav pink background with a tiara design to a more “grown-up” minimalist style; in-case you haven’t already noticed. And I have marked down my calendar for time slots dedicated to generating good meaningful content this time and not just vent out my feeling from time-to-time. I have also added a new Projects section to write about the mini projects I take up every now and then. As always I rely on my friends for their support and love so I can keep up with my new resolution.

I will leave you guys with this quote that I love:

A new you can still emerge from the old you.

Wish me luck!


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