My reminiscing account this Valentine’s

Funny,  today I remembered my V-day tradition from years ago. Yes, blogging is my V-day tradition. I am not much of a romantic if you ask me.However, different people in my life have a very different take on whether or not I am a romantic. Well anyway, I recently connected with the very first “Love” (pay attention to the quotes here) of my life, but more on that later. I have recently realized I have been in love multiple times, feeling different variations of the “LOVE” thingy. I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life and have managed to cherish each and every one of them, even the passing ones.

While I sit here reminiscing over a cup of coffee today, I can’t help but recollect the magical feeling when I went out with a guy for the very first time. Since I grew up in a small town in India, I had a very 60s kinda romance. 🙂 Looking into each other’s eyes was a big damn deal, smiling at each other was borderline PDA. Writing notes for him, completing his lab journals, reminding him of important dates, basically acting like his PA made me happy. Call it innocence or childhood stupidity, I was so lost in my fairytale world that no amount of yelling or screaming from my parents would enter my soundproof mind. My parents would lose their minds, but nothing was going to convince me to look the other way. I remember, we were being reprimanded for “allegedly dating”, and he had told our parents we were going to get married someday — such a Bollywood cliché.  Ah! he was such a hero :). I was so madly in love that I was convinced I was the happiest I was ever going to be.

If anyone told me, back then, that this was not going to last long, I would laugh at them. Duh! late teens and early 20s are the most optimistic phase of one’s life. Everything seems within reach and nothing seems impossible. And if you are not single, your entire outlook towards life is so rosy like you have a permanent Valencia filter fitted on your eyes. But every beginnings have an ending, so did my little fairytale. I was pretty much on an autopilot during my breakup phase. Like my whole world had shattered.

I did go through the typical breakup phase of endless ice-cream tubs and sad songs. ‘Show me the meaning of being lonely’ – yes the Backstreet Boys song – was on repeat for a month or two (that’s not something I’m very proud of BTW). It would take me a series of hookups and breakups before I realized life had more to it and that when you do meet the right person, things actually fall in place without much efforts.

For a while there, I did think, quite honestly, that I was going to marry the very first guy and the subsequent ones 😛 😉 and live happily ever after. But life had other plans for me and for good reasons. I have come a long way. But guess what, there is not a thing I would change about how I have lived my life; Not a  single person I would not want in my life just because I got hurt. I have grown up enough to understand things happen, people happen for a reason and there is always some amount of ‘meant to be’ in everything we encounter.

Cheers to traditions. This Valentine’s day, may you all cherish the love you once had and one you have now.  🙂 Happy Valentine’s day to all my peeps!



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