A butt like Kim Kardashian, or Legs like Gisele Bundchen?

Kim Kardashian, breaking the internet with her naked pictures or rather pictures of her with three stars to cover just enough places for legal public circulation, made me think. I take no sides. I am neither an admirer nor do I despise her. I have never thought of myself as any authority to judge Kim or any other Kardashians/Jenners for that matter. The truth of the matter is, I believe anyone who has any tolerance to publicity and crave fame would do what Kim did. And good for her it worked out as it has.

So anyway, I have been exercising lately and have been monitoring my food habits. I realized I have put on some extra weight and that I am not as healthy as I would want to be. While at my gym, I got into conversation with a friend about women and their perception of perfect body. I have always been quite vocal about this thought – “there is no such thing as a perfect body!”. Let me tell you why.

According to the news channels from past week or so, American’s are obsessed with butts. Celebs like — Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Kim — have set a trend for curvy women and the Victoria Secret models represent anorexic body types and then there is Kate Uptown (I am not quite sure if she is skinning or curvy, I suppose she is curvy on top but I am sure she has her own insecurities too). I know of women who are so thin that they technically do not have any curves on their body but guess what, they aren’t happy. And the ones who are curvy, think they are fat!

So I began thinking how do I want to look like. Truth be told, I was never truly skinny or a size zero. But a year or so ago, I was skinny enough to not have any curves on me. I suppose it is good for me that I have grown fat enough at the right time – LOL – although I am giving it a shot to get back to health and in a better shape. All this not because I want to look a certain way but because I want to fit into the expensive clothes that I no longer fit into. So there, I have a reason/motivation for exercising.

What I mean to convey was that what we see on-screen or in pictures isn’t always true. Believe me, I know because I look better in pictures (the good ones I mean) than I really am. It is important to love oneself (Love Thyself!!). It is worthwhile to try to be a better person than to feel bad about who one is not or can’t be.

Everyone can be pretty in their own way. Every woman is unique. Every women needs to find her inner joy and celebrate beauty as it comes. Either that or work hard to earn enough to buy some expensive jewelry. I think men can help by trying not to (be such jerks), well in polite terms, objectify women or at least not in the presence of another women. True gentlemen never makes a women feel bad about herself but then again, not every man is that well-behaved and we need to know that.

We are much more than how we look and what shape we are. Curvy, Skinny or in-between, we need to strive to be confident, smart and fearless women. And most importantly, we need to learn to be comfortable with ourselves. Only then you will realize the world sees you as you see yourself. Ask Lena Dunham if you don’t take my word for it.

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