Loneliness is self-induced

Even with such technologies for constant communication today, loneliness seems to haunt people more than ever. Social media conversations are replacing all of our social gatherings and one-to-one conversations between persons. People think they have “Friends” – virtual friends as I refer to them, when they see their online profiles. I sometime wonder if people realize these virtual friends are not real relations most times. I guess it makes people happy just to see any form of human connection (virtual or real). This perception go knowing somebody however superficially doesn’t matter. Social media sites were build for sharing. They were meant to be a catalyst and not a complete replacement to human socializing. 

I consider myself an ambivert surrounding myself with a limited number of people I am close to. But there are times when my mind somehow seems to forget about all the close ones I have. Yes, there are times that I feel lonely. For most people, accepting this fact is shameful but I am weird. Commonly accepted theory is that a lonely person is unpopular or a social outcast who one wants to be associated with. This isn’t always true. 

I have a few friends who are extreme introverts. They want nothing to do with the outside world. They are solitaires by choice. Well, the number of human connections each person can handle varies widely but when a person doesn’t have enough connections within his accepted range, thats when he/she feels lonely. All of us have connections we call – “friends.” Our intimacy level with each of those friends vastly varies. Our comfort level may not necessarily be based on a person’s characteristics or duration of friendship.  

I have Instagram followers and some that I follow. And there is this unsaid voluntary relationship that builds up overtime. I like their pictures and they like mine ;). That gives me momentary sense of belongingness but I know they are not the ones I talk about personal problems or share my happiness (does not include insta pics with my brand new car or a new boyfriend 😉 )

According to Paulo Coehlo— “Solitude is not the absence of company, but the moment when our soul is free to speak to us and help us decide what to do with our life”.
So solitude is not a bad thing, feeling lonely isn’t abnormal. But human being is a social animal and we all crave a little human touch.

What I am getting at is that we all need to get away from our computers and “hang out” with people in person not on Google+ always. When you go meet people — catch up with an old friend or make a new one — you will know what I am talking about. Don’t get caught up in virtual web, life is real and so our relations should be.


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  1. Love it..to give you more food for thought..!

    My post in the start of the year is related to this…it was a puzzle for my friend….Decipher this for more introspection in this topic..!!

    Cyberbalkanization: Thaasophobia, Pretentious: Cybercensorship Paradox??

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