Mrs. Bachchan is a beautiful mother.

When ever it’s time for Cannes Film festival, the whole world starts looking at which celebs would attend and what will they wear. I have been particularly proud of the fact that Bollywood celebs have been part of Cannes for a while now. I have read various post-event reviews on celebrity dresses, who looked their best and so on. Over the years, it has become lesser about the films played at the event and more about who wore what. But that’s not what bothered me.

This year’s Cannes film festival saw some really beautiful men and women walk the red carpet. For one thing, I personally liked what Mrs. Bachchan wore for once. The midnight blue gown made her eyes sparkle and complimented her body  well. Ash has been criticized for her dresses at the red carpet a lot of times before and when she finally does it right people are more bothered about her weight? I do not understand how is it anybody’s business to tell her how she needs to keep her body.

What is pathetic is, instead of considering how beautiful she still looks and being happy for her becoming a mother, we are criticizing her? Whatever happened to all our appreciation for Vidya Balan in ‘The Dirty Picture’? I wonder what was public really looking at. On one hand we speak about how Indian film industry is about quality and beauty in its true sense and on the other hand we publicly criticize a beautiful mother with a new-born? Why does everybody think she has any obligation to be a size zero just because she is an actress? Vidya Balan, Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit among others; whatever their size, are the actresses blessed with eternal beauty who are world renowned not only for their looks but for much more.

The next time you think of how Ash looks now, try to remember what she has done for the Indian cinema and for her country.  Also try not to forget that she is not a public property but a daughter-in-law and a mother.


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