SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act!

It has probably been more than a month since my last blog and I don’t know myself how I went without writing for this long. Anyway, here I am and I promise this blog is not going to be a complete waste of time for my readers. There is this one particular topic that caught my interest lately, thanks to my insane friend who keeps feeding me with more info like a news channel all day long and I have no option but to listen ‘coz I simply can’t say ‘stop’ and even if I did he simply wouldn’t. Not that it is such a bad thing as I make it sound, but that is my own little secret, for the rest of the world I’m totally sulky about it. Well, here it is – SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), my obsession from past one month!

SOPA, as it is popularly called, is a bill that is being reviewed to be made into law in USA. It is a huge topic & impossible to cover in one page, so here is my point of view on SOPA! I can’t think of anyone who goes without internet these days (except for some good-for-nothing losers) which establishes the fact that if you are among the people who use internet, no matter how many times, SOPA would directly or indirectly affect you (Yes, even if you choose to be ignorant of it). SOPA,  if passed, would legally shut down more than half of the sites up there probably even Facebook or at the very least your profile from FB. SOPA essentially aims at stopping illegal infringement of copyrights – ‘piracy’ in simple words – all the music and the literature that circulates online is by the way not exactly within the borders of this law. Well technically this is supposed to be a US law but needless to say it will be implemented worldwide if passed!

So the problems with such a law which allegedly claims terminating online piracy are infinite. Nobody from the internet community or for that matter anybody who knows what they are doing online, is okay with such a phony law. Cyber security experts (pardon my jargon 😉 I couldn’t find an alternative word for that)  believe it is going to deteriorate online security and in-fact increase malware and other problems online.

Simply put, the USA government and the copy right holders want to snoop and keep track of everything being said or done online which means zero privacy and THE END of freedom of speech and in case anyone forgets to not use any copyright materials their profile or the whole site (in case of personal websites) would be taken down, not that it rules out the possibility of wiping off FB or Google for that matter! Don’t we remember Google walking out on China when the govt tried to control online search results? I would personally hate being fed with a filtered result by a search engine specially Google (No folks I am not referring to Bling here) but no matter what happens I have complete faith in ‘Thepiratebay’, they always manage to find a way around. So imagine no more video viral, no wait! is it no more sharing altogether!? Probably I could sue someone with the same name ‘Priyanka’ sometime when the law passes, if it does.

The only insane communities in favor of this ( I am not talking about GoDaddy, they learned their lesson eventually) are the RIAA _Recording Industry Association of America, Motion Picture Association of America and US Chamber of Commerce in addition to a few other companies (which clearly have no idea what they are getting into). This is why I was told if I had brains I was not meant for entertainment industry. Lets forget for a minute that piracy, in a way, actually helps poor helpless fame-seeking desperate artists establish themselves but even otherwise people out there think they can actually stop piracy? Well, I believe they haven’t read ‘why never mess with a techie’ yet. In fact there were news items on how none of the committee members involved in this have any idea what a VPN server is 😉 (its okay for us to not know) forget the rest and such are the lawmakers.

All in all folks, it wont matter what happens the world will go on and if RIAA and MPAA want to make fool of themselves, who could possibly stop them? I continue to write as long as I can.  Ciao.



  1. well covered and i appreciate your effort to bring out some of SOPA !
    to be honest, we can’t stop piracy to zero level..
    piracy happens why ?
    when a product comes of at huge buck(certainly deserves the rate) but few can’t afford it so they do pirate things,, right from films to software… pirated version exists much 😦
    just like few deer between a bunch of wolves 😛 well expressed article !

  2. The SOPA has been shelved.

    The White House states : “We will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.”

    Any proposed legislation must not tamper with the technical architecture of the internet.,_congress_shelves_bill?akid=8132.295732.YXUczy&rd=1&t=21

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