Why are people the way they are!?

It has been a while since I had anything to blog about and today I did find something. I had problems dealing with a person close to me, who no matter how much i tried, never made any sense of anything he spoke. I discussed it with my friends and they kept telling me how some people are just programmed that way and there was nothing I could do about it. I had to read Lankhoff”s “Whose Freedom” for one of my assignments where he talks about frames, mindsets & beliefs. In one of the chapters he explains how people are so strongly bound by their own frames that they don’t even care for the hard core facts. Almost nothing can change their mind or make them reason things out.Their mind is closed and is set to believe what they want to and no fact which lies beyond their frame will ever make sense to them.

I always wondered why only a few people succeed & rest were left behind. Till now I was convinced it was justified by the Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” only but now I know there is so much more to it than just that. It is not true that everyone is same, every man has different levels of reasoning, understanding, processing & learning. What is important to one person may be irrelevant to others, for example I know people for whom sleep is more important  than anything else in life & I also have friends who think excessive sleep is waste of time & they give up their sleep when it is needed without regrets.

I have also known people who think thinking is bad! (I have nothing to say to that! I would shoot myself in the head before ever letting myself think of such an insane thing!) In-fact there are people who want to believe that they understand everything & for them there is no other way things could ever be & nothing matters to them whatsoever.

Wonder if anyone has ever heard/read of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It adds sense to the subject of discussion too. Some are only bothered about the basic necessities in life like the food, clothing & shelter. Once that is satisfied man begins to think of comfort & security and only then bothers about social acceptance & love. By the way all the above comes under the same level of the hierarchy. Next level is when a person has all of the above &  he seeks recognition and lastly when a man has evolved enough, all that matters to him is self actualization. I has been told & I do believe too that very few people actually make it past the first level of hierarchy.

So next time you wonder why your colleague behaves the way he does or your boss or boyfriend seems unreasonable, you know it is not just a superficial problem. Its roots lie much deeper!



      1. Human behaviour could be easily considered one of the most complex topics on earth. There are so many factors that affect human behaviour, Genetics ( I wonder if some of us would agree with that ), culture, persuasion, ‘ETHICS’, just to name a few. Somehow i feel its meant to be this way.

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