Dogs bite: perception is reality

The first thing I knew about dogs was probably that they bite and till date that perception hasn’t changed much. I remember having a puppy at home when I was growing up and though I really liked it, I would never go anywhere near it. In fact my sister used to laugh at me when I would climb on a parapet wall holding the chain while walking the puppy on the ground (now you all get it why my sister would burst out laughing, don’t you!? 😛 ) Well, I guess the element of fear about the animal was more powerful than the happiness of being around it.

What I am getting at is that we all have fears but when we let those overpower over logical sense, we tend to start walking on the wrong path doing not what is the right thing but what we think we could do! Fear also has a role in shaping one’s perceptions. I strongly contend for the fact that what is fed in the young minds remain almost forever. I sometimes wonder if things would have been different if I was told that dogs were cute instead that they bit.

Yesterday I was in front of my laptop and I decided to think of the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at a random word on the page I was on (one of the crazy things that I come up with quiet so often). I saw the letter ‘I’ thought of ‘me’, ‘publish’ – ‘article’ & then my roommate’s dog ran into my room and guess what? for ‘dog’ the very first thought was ‘they bite’ 😛 no surprises! Well that’s when I gave it a thought and that is why ‘m writing this blog!

My dog tales aside -“What is perceived as real is real in its consequences..”. It means for each person his perception is the reality. As a matter of fact it is believed even facts go unnoticed for a person blinded in his own perceptional aura. PR is all about dealing with people’s perceptions & it excites me how people act in different ways towards what they believe in and what they fear.

Whenever I have questioned my friends or colleagues about why they do certain things that they do, they always end up saying either it is supposed to be like that  or they don’t want to go against the norm. Well I’m not propagating something anti-social here but I do believe everyone needs to try to analyse their actions and understand what is the right thing to do. Just because a million people do something in a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right way.  Like I think dogs always bite which might not probably change all my life & no matter how much anyone tries to sell me a dog, I would never get one home.,


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