Are mistakes okay!?

I have been reading this blog for a while as part of a course requirement – . It is dedicated to corrections and sort of reviewing for frivolous little mistakes for one of the leading news papers of New York. This particular blog-post is quiet interesting for the way PHILIP B. CORBETT speaks of how the readers’ complaints have been increasing lately; greater than ever and goes on to explain the causes and ways to avoid them!

In this fast-paced, high-tech, social media world it is only normal for such trivial mistakes to happen. Is it that a leading newspaper like New York Times does not have enough staff to employ for proofreading or not enough people to cover stories with enough time!? Well, I might be argued with the ‘current economic crisis’ weapon which only explains why companies can’t afford to have so many people employed and how fewer people are at more work & we all know what follows later. Why be biased and target the one newspaper that I totally adorn? What I speak is true with most publications these days.

I am taking Research Methodology class this semester where we learn how important it is for media/PR guys to research for facts before letting things out to the world but the truth is that no one really does that anymore. The news gets out and depending upon the extent of their fallacy then they investigate the allegations (if they are ever made) . What I fail to understand though is if it has become a conveniently reasoned trend lately with fair acceptance to speculations. What happened to the whole deal about being precise and that constant strive of infallibility!? Needles to say that I appreciate the efforts of those readers who do care to complain about the mistakes however inconsequential they are.

It’s not just the newspapers or books or magazines am talking about but the communication thing in all; you may call it the human nature to build up on speculations but isn’t the whole evolution thing about getting better and erring less? Sure communication has made it easier to spread the word but that doesn’t mean spread just about any word :P. It’s just my ambiguous thought here which originated from a blog and continues to find answers:

So am gonna leave you all with this – “Mistakes are as serious as the results they cause!” , this is by one of my fictitious genius Dr. House from House, the TV show (now before you label it lame you gotta know the show!! so don’t even bother).

I would sure like to hear if there are any explanations or add-ons to this! Good night!


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