Key to good writing is writing ;) !!

Its 1 am and I just finished my writing assignment which was due yesterday 😦 and since I was required to write a critique piece for a published research paper for my assignment I realized how difficult writing is.(not that I didn’t know of it before)

I have been taking EFL classes to make myself worthy of being a PR person. After studying in English medium all my life, scoring pretty decent marks in IELTS & GRE, I still am taking non credit language course – some might think I’m insane but know what, I’m not!! In my first class the professor spoke of how writing is not easy. How, in-spite of what most people think, writing needs special skills and training not to mention PR writing in particular. When my professor mentioned how some people find it so difficult to begin writing (not to imagine the series of drafts that go into before the final one), I was very glad I at-least manage to put down something when I am required to write which means I am not entirely hopeless. 😛

“If you want to be a writer, write” said Epictetus, a Greek philosopher.  As simple as it sounds, it is not the easiest things in the world. I know so many people who absolutely despise writing even the B’day wishes 😀 (sometimes its hard to believe such people do exist 😀 ) well I must probably not get into that too much since if someone decides to video blog about sports or adventure and talk about how people could live without them, I would probably not feel so good :P.

So back to good writing gyaan – in addition to writing to write one must also read to write well. When I started blogging I was so naive and now after almost 10 months later, I write so much more better than I used to back then! And read so much too. Everyone has their individual style of writing and that manifests in the writings of only the mastered one! Why I say reading is equally important is not only because my professor at EFL class said so but also because I myself have believed so from quite sometime & it reflects in my work too (did this sentence exceed 17 words already 😛 ) that reading good articles & books help one write better! Well, 17 words was coz a normal sentence is not supposed to exceed that but then this is my blog and I have the divine freedom to write however long a sentence I like here :P.

Enough for now, retiring for the day!! Good night people!!



  1. Can’t agree more on this, beautiful and very true. I don’t like reading but in order to improve myself at writing, I do end up reading short inspirational stories 🙂

  2. Honesty appreciated! Good work with the design too.

    I think the socialvibe would look good by the side and make your blog look even better. >>>>

    I do agree with what you wrote that writing isnt very easy and that reading is helpful. I would appreciate if you share some more tips for new writers, like me, so that i can improve my english. I personally think that reading other writers and indulging into new areas gives a better creative bend to the writer.

  3. A very well written blog and thanks for highlighting the importance of reading for better writing skills. I guess, anybody who has any amount of free time should utilize it in reading good books and improve language and vocab , definitely helps in social and professional life.

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