Genuineness is the key!

I had a guest lecture for my media relations class last night by a journalist from Wall Street Journal. For those who know WSJ, they would know what I am talking about here & others can always Google! 😉 (I wonder if lately ‘Google’ has replaced the word ‘search’ in the colloquial language :P) What I want to share here is  nothing of a professional gyaan or an arcane teaching. The class was for the students to understand the media angle for their communication with journalists & reporters and it did go pretty well and what was most interesting about the class was the fact that truly ethical professionals attribute their success  & growth to honesty & truth. 🙂 The best advice I can give you all to build good relations with media is to be genuine said the journalist who has retired a week ago from WSJ after working there for more than 2 decades.

It is something that I always believed in that to be genuine is the best thing to do. Everyone knows that no man is one hundred percent perfect yet everyone thinks they are. Projecting oneself in a way different from what they are is like killing your genuine self and trying to be someone else altogether. What causes such a problem is the fear of erring & the fear of being discovered mostly. There is a saying I had heard long ago which goes like – ‘A lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth’, guess that is what people with genuineness crisis have to support their actions with.

Wouldn’t the world be much simpler if people stopped pretending? Building relations has become an integral part of every profession lately. Without a personal relation, not even jobs can be survived in today’s world. A friend once told me how miserable her life had become since she wasn’t in good terms with her HR. When in the age of building relationships if people still don’t understand the value of trust & self credibility it must really be a shame. No relation, personal or professional, can be built on a lie. Credibility of a person is always judged by his honesty & genuineness. How many people like pretentious snobs? So it is something to think over what you want to be known as?!

Everybody makes mistakes – that is a universal truth & I don’t personally think there has ever lived a man who has not committed a mistake since the beginning of time. 😛 So why then be ashamed of admitting our mistakes!? Well, I believe making mistakes is not wrong, not taking responsibility for them is! What one needs to understand is man’s credibility is built on accepting the mistake courageously & correcting it than in defending himself & acting indifferently towards the trouble.

Similarly if you come across someone who has wronged you terribly what do you do? – forgive and move on! 🙂 I might sound a little crazy here but the truth is man is not entitled to punish anyone not even the ones who harm him, it is the almighty who takes care of that. As far as my knowledge the same is mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta  & also in the holy Bible.

Well I was pretty happy to know people still believe in things like honesty & truthfulness. 🙂 In all the lectures that I have attended so far at NYU, the professors advocate the same which makes me feel like I am in the right place. They are all the time emphasizing on how difficult yet important it is to be honest & ethical. I have to leave for another class now, so I’ m gonna leave you all with this – Success is not chased but attained with honesty & bravery.

Good day people!



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