One goes only as far as he desires to..,

It has been almost two weeks now since I arrived in New York, the place I always wanted to be in! Now that I am kinda settled, at least a bit I could say, I thought I could finally get myself back to write.  So many things were going on past couple of months that I could never get around to blog. I know how wrong it would be to say I never found time because I am the one who advocates strongly that a person never runs out of time he only runs out of interest and if one wants to do something he will do it anyway..

USA is no doubt a great place and since this was my first overseas visit not to mention the stay I was definitely intimidated in the beginning. Everywhere I looked I would see things that were so unusual (I mean where in India would you see people kissing on a subway station 😛 or wearing beach wear when its pouring like crazy 😛 or walking around with orange or pink hair!!) , people all around wore such a look of confidence and poise (maybe not each one of them)  that their look would make me feel miserable, like I didn’t belong here (not that people were rude or unwelcoming).  Classes, lectures, transportation system, work, culture everything is so different and so overwhelming and New York is all the more so that it does take some time definitely to sync in. A classmate of mine here told me sometime that though she was an American she still found New York so overwhelming. So I guess it was only natural for me to have felt that way.

Getting to the point, I am just out of a class I had on Theory & Practice of PR and the topic of discussion was vastly ‘Public Option’. One could well imagine I would most certainly have least to contribute to the discussion simply because I am so not acquainted with the US who’s who or the current affairs or for that matter not much of past scandals either 😛 so I was on the listening side of the discussion today, not that I felt bad about it. My previous boss taught me the importance of listening and that has helped me loads. It is simple logic, how would one know things or learn if one doesn’t listen!? One can’t always rely on reading & watching for knowledge or information.  What I really did take from tonight’s class was something wonderful my professor said which I want to share with everybody (well at least the few who would look up my post here 😉 )  – “ Only the one who wants to win badly wins the game” . It might not seem very appealing to all at the first go but if you think over the statement you’ll realize the unambiguous meaning that lies within. I can sort of connect to the statement because I have believed that one goes only as further as one wants to. Persuasion by someone or pushing oneself into something would never take anyone as far as one with the undying desire to get there could go.

This reminds me of the Will Smith movie I had seen some time back – “The Pursuit of Happiness” one helluva movie. The way Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is determined to become  a stock broker & how he overcomes every hurdle that comes in his way of achieving his goal is something  to learn from. It is apparently based on the true story of Chris Gardner who lived in San Francisco in 1980’s. If it is a 12th standard student aiming to get highest score or a professional wanting to become manager or a player dreaming to play at Olympics it is all the same. One can get where they want as long as they want it badly. I am myself an example to this aphorism.

Sincere efforts, honesty, and burning desire are what takes a man where he wants to get. Like Paulo Coelho  quoted – We are what we do, and not what we think we should do! Nothing is impossible, one must just have faith & go for it. Goodnight all!!



  1. even i felt the same whn i reached auckland 2 months back… everything was different here….now am settled now…it was ok here… as u said if u want to win badly.. u can win for sure.. nice post….

  2. Well written..a new place, different people are intimidating . Best of Luck for your course.
    Listening is important-that’s why we have us two ears and one mouth but we forget.
    You are right we can go as far our heart desires but we need to work hard to give shape to our dreams. Quoting an old Hindi song
    “Kaphi bas armman nahin,
    kuch milna aasan nahin,
    duniya ki majboori hai,
    phir taqdeer jarori hai”..
    It’s not enough to wish, getting anything is not easy, world hand’s are also tied, you need some luck too”
    But then trust the God..for whatever happens..happens for our good.

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