My Murphy Laws’ Experience :P

I am just back from my first apparent meeting/call with my academic advisor  from the University. It was such a hell of an experience that I decided to blog about it. I assumed this post of mine might help people out there for this definitely was an illustration of the Murphy’s Law.

I always thought of those laws as very cliché and simple but they are so totally law worthy because they would probably prove to hold true in 8 out of 10 cases or maybe 9.

1. Murphy’s Law: If something can go wrong, it will.

It was on last Thursday that I had scheduled the appointment for today that I was to have with my academic advisor for help with my course registration and blah blah. The wisdom teeth, four of them :O that I had got removed had been healing and I had thought I would be all fine by Wednesday to be able to speak and when I was least expecting another physical dent, I had to undergo a minor eye surgery yesterday for some inner growth within my eyelid which left me with a bandage for a day. Finally by evening I was all ready, my bandage was removed and I was totally in a position to have a conversation and discuss my course requirements & prospects.

As the time approached I was ready with my questions probably practicing the things I had to ask a thousand times over in my mind. It is just half an hour to the scheduled time, my email reminder goes on and then electricity cuts off. I mean in last fifteen days that I have been here there was never any power cut specially never at this hour! One might think power cut is such a small and trivial issue to stress over specially in India but, when you have an important online conversation to have and you know there are never power cuts in the past & no irregular cuts either to best of your knowledge and then it just goes off at the hour you needed it most like it was teasing you and telling you how helpless you are, it does stress you out. Hence the elucidation of the first law.

2. Murphy’s Law: If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway.

Well now that I knew I didn’t have much time until my schedule and there was no way I could even have cancelled or postponed it I quickly thought of finally dropping at one of those cyber cafes that have been such necessities since the PCs were launched. I knew nothing could go wrong now. Luckily there was one nearby so I rushed inside and asked for a PC. I still had about 10 mins to the scheduled time. The guy at the cafe took almost 6 minutes to get my comp started and logged in (well I know that coz I was so nervous that I was counting even seconds :P). At the scheduled hour I log into my account and thank god I could finally somehow manage (did I forget how good I was at crisis management, I have backups for backups 😉 something I learnt during my job at an event management company). When nothing is supposed to go wrong, maybe it does. The headset wasn’t miraculously working at that hour at the center and I was supposed to manage without it 😦 (I mean imagine my plight at hearing that, I would have smashed the guys head, in-fact I had in my mind, or screamed the hell out). Hence proving the second law right!

3. Murphy’s Law: Technology is dominated by those who manage what they do not understand.

I had no option, Everything had failed me at the most critical juncture.  I didn’t even have much time to think it over or to try some other cafe (meeting was for half an hour only) I had to act and act fast!! With nothing in as a plan I courageously typed into the chat window requesting to have the discussion over the call instead & to my surprise she was kind enough to agree and I somehow managed to finish my meeting fruitfully (not that it was easy simply because it was not the best or may I say quietest place to have been with people speaking in loud tones & music playing loudly in the background and with all that not having my ear plugs to cut out the sound, I had to press the phone so hard against my ears to listen and worst to concentrate in order to understand what she spoke given her accent!)

The above mentioned law might not have been completely justified maybe partially though 😉  but as I say “All is well that ends well ” and to end it well who better than to bank on oneself :)!! Well here I am penning down my experience hoping next time anybody has such a meeting they know what to expect for the worst ;)!! Time to go to bed! Good night people! 🙂



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