My media visit & ‘The Egg Factory’!!

Yesterday was my first ever official ‘media visit’ & I was absolutely excited about it! I woke up earlier than I normally do, got ready, carefully picked my clothes I would wear. (I was supposed to wear formal & for some strange reason I always take more time while dressing up in formal than usual;) ) Since I was to be accompanied by my friends cum fellow colleagues cum PIC – partners In Crime- 😉 at office & outside & seniors I seek PR gyaan from, I thought it best to join one of them since I wasn’t sure of the address of our visit.I  landed up at one of my colleague’s place without even giving her a call in the morning, not that I gatecrashed (we had decided to go together from her place the day before).

Soon we were on our way to the meetings. All the meetings with the journalists went quite well (as expected) but what would be so special about my first media visit is the LUNCH! 😛 One of the media houses that we were to visit had shifted its office and we weren’t informed,when asked for time the journalist instead shifted his appointment to couple of hours later. We three mean girls were starving meanwhile, so decided to go to this place called the “Egg Factory” which was in the vicinity (One of the colleague cursed us silently while we made our way since she is a pure veggie & doesn’t even eat egg).  Me & my prime PIC convinced her that she would get something veg there (not that we knew for sure ;)) & if not she could accompany us for a cold drink & later we could take her elsewhere 😛 (mean that we are ;)).

“Egg Factory” is a simple eat out with nothing luxurious about it! The eating area is neat & clean with cool sitting furniture. I loved the mini wooden cutlery stands that were present on each table. The room had kind of factory look to it with black & red walls and red pipes running along the walls. While we flipped through the menu which was a brown sheet with black ink printed letters on it, by then we had forgotten everything else & were hoping to have a nice all-girls lunch. I had already began to feel like it was a Sunday afternoon & I was hanging out with my girl friends over a lunch! The ambiance is absolutely relaxing & serene (at least on a weekday afternoon). After much debate we finally settled down with Masala egg bhurji, something called ‘desi pasta with garlic bread’ (Veg was available to our luck & we were saved of the misery to take her to some other place) & a roasted frittata. The service is quite fast & we were served our dishes almost within 15 mins of placing the order.

The frittata is omelette-like dish with cheese layer on top & tomato, red paprika & spinach mixed in the omelette, Masala bhurji was out-of-the-world mouth-watering tasty 🙂 I had never before eaten such delicious bhurji till then! The Veg Desi pasta was yummy too! As against the normal bland pasta taste it had a very strong chili desi-style taste to it which tasted so good with the garlic bread that I sure would visit the place very soon for it & of-course for the masala bhurji! 🙂 After finishing all that was ordered we still didn’t wanna leave the place so decided to order for plain fried omelette with bread toasts & butter. I can not express my contentment at savoring the eternal bread butter omelette combo after so long 🙂 (I didn’t bother about my diet plan or the fat consumption limit one bit, instead decided to enjoy the food & jog a little extra ;)). My mom used to make omelette with toasted bread & butter for breakfast while I was at home but never after that did I get a chance to have it again in past 5 years!

It wasn’t exactly a lavish meal but it sure was one of the best lunch that I have had in years, not only because of the food but also because of the incredible friends (my colleagues) who made it such fun. In my opinion it is not always about the luxurious maddeningly expensive places that one can enjoy their lunch best but it is with good friends & tasty food!! I would not forget my first media visit & that lunch for a long long time. 🙂

And we did go to the after lunch postponed meeting (rather reluctantly since we were so full, we just wanted to go home & crash ;))



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