Weight Issues X-(

Since childhood I have always mostly been on the slimmer side. Not until recently did I ever bother about what I ate or how much. Not even a thought ever occurred to me that I would ever face weight issues. A couple of months ago I woke up to find myself bloated beyond proportions. Of course it hadn’t happened overnight but I had been taking my body so much for granted that I had forgotten paying any attention what was happening to it.

Non of my jeans fit me anymore and suddenly it suck me that this had been going on for a while and I never bothered, I kept squeezing myself into my clothes each morning sucking up my tummy thinking everything was still alright. That day I was extremely pissed off with myself and all my friends who had joined me for my lavish food endevor all this while. Then I thought it was no big deal, I could just not eat food for a couple of days and I am fit again. Little did I know that things didn’t really work that way.  😦

I did completely starve myself for a couple for days and nothing happened 😦 I was terribly mad and didn’t know what could I possibly do about my weight issue. I picked up couple of books on weight loss (typically me 😛 I remember last time when I had to learn to manage my finances, my house was flooded with finance management books 😉 but then I eventually figured the way out myself)  so I read through the fatally boring books and finally after reading the second one half way, realized that sitting & reading such weight loss book was not gonna help. So I finally took it upon myself and Googled  for yoga classes in my neighborhood and to my luck I did find one on some Deals site (at discounted rate). 🙂 I was finally hoping that my body would be back in shape in no time.

First day of my Power Yoga classes I was all enthusiastic, as soon as I entered there was this really beautiful and clean room with mirrors on all sides (just like the ones shown in movies 😉 ) The class started and I could feel myself losing all my extra weight. The moment I reached home I ran to the mirror to check if there was any difference (I can be utterly impatient & unreasonable at times – pretty evidently) But to my shock nothing had changed. After the next day’s class I couldn’t move a muscle so the whole self mercy prevented me to continue with the classes & that was the end of my Power Yoga adventure. 😦 After my body recovered from fever & terrible ache I realized I had been eating just as much I used to. I was disappointed with myself so much so that I would eat more. I wanted to pretend that nothing was wrong & I didn’t wanna acknowledge even if there was anything that was!

I stuffed my old clothes in my cupboard & bought new ones (bigger size ones of-course). I stopped going out & felt like a complete looser (it seldom happens that I don’t accomplish what I wish to). This time around it seemed like I had lost the battle after-all! But it isn’t me who gives up so easily on anything; One  day at office I sat staring at my monitor screen & suddenly the bolt of light hit me & picked up a notepad & a pen & started writing down what the issue in front of me was (as though it was the case of country’s security 😛 ). Then when I gave it thought I knew what could fix the situation. 🙂 I needed to have patience & that’s what I did.

From next day on-wards I woke up to do 20 sit ups (later increasing it to 30) & 5 Surya Namaskaras (together takes up just 15 mins). I cut down on cheese & other fat filled food to half of my earlier consumption (I didn’t want drastic reduction which would put me back to the same situation once I resumed eating my normal amount). I am a great foodie & can not live without food ever. I started taking stairs instead of lift & walked instead wherever I could. Now after a month of such a routine I can seen the difference, 🙂 today I’m wearing one of my old jeans which I had  thrown away in the cupboard since almost 6 months & I feel so great!

I continue doing my sit ups everyday & jog once in a while when I feel like. I watch what I eat now (nothing though is excluded from my dietary plan including all those cheese burgers & french fries – maybe just the frequency of consumption  has reduced). I love being in shape & I love food too so now I keep it as simple as that. 😉


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