Trip to Gokarana.

After college I started working immediately & almost after a year of working I felt the desperate need to steal some time away from work for myself. I have never really been a complete adventurous or freaking out kinds so I decided to take a short holiday with my friends over the weekend (since catching up with them was long pending too). After much debate, discussion & argument we finally settled down with Gokarna which is around 480 km from Bangalore.


We set forth for our holiday finally on a Friday night. Though I was really excited that I was finally going to some place out, away from my daily schedule & most importantly the office, I was also a little skeptical about the place. I have never really liked beaches much. I don’t eat non veg to enjoy the sea food delicacies at the beach nor do I fancy sea much to go play in the water. I don’t even like lying down on the beach much for I am scared of the awful sea creatures around. It was not always the same, when I was a kid; my mom had taken me to Udupi. I was extremely thrilled to experience the sea and the beach for the first time then. While I was playing unaware of anything that could intrude my serene joy at the sea, a crab grabbed my little finger and then I started screaming. I didn’t know from where that creature had come that bit me so bad and wasn’t even letting my finger go. When finally my mom and others present there came to my rescue (not that I was going to be killed by a crab bit) I finally managed to collect myself together and walk out of the sea water never again to step into it again (till now at least).

Lest did I know there was so much in store for me at Gokarna. I was completely unaware of what was to come when I left Bangalore (that’s where I have been living for a while now).  So we finally reached the place and dropped down at the cottage that we had pre booked. It was such a beautiful cottage. Though had no luxuries (in fact had non at all) it defiantly had a rejuvenating appeal. It was like a forest area with small huts built using dry leaves, wood and a few bricks. Soon after every one was washed up it was decided that we would be going to the beach which was a hill-top walk down from our cottage. I knew there was no point neither protesting nor asking to be left alone so that I enjoy the cottage premises instead so I just went along with my book that I carried (which I never  could read beyond a couple of pages at the trip). 😉

The beach that we went to was called Kudlee. It was beautiful and extremely serene. There were very few people and the beach looked pretty clean too. We all went to the restro nearby for breakfast. I decided to hang out at the restro while my friends enjoyed in the sea water. while I was reading I could hear someone calling my name. When I raised my head I found one of the friends asking me to come over and take their precious belongings (my friends can get extremely annoying sometimes) so I went down and even before I knew I was dragged into the water (filmy –I know). After much screams and sobs I finally stood there staring at the sea completely senseless of what was going on. I so badly wanted to run away but I just couldn’t move I was somehow enjoying the sea again after so long. I was happy and scared at the same time. Later we went around the place sightseeing and trying out different cuisines and shopping.

Next day I woke up at dawn and went all by myself to the beach. I wanted to experience the sea again all by myself. I guess I liked sea after all and wanted to overcome my fear. We visited a few other beaches – Om beach (which is in the shape of OM hence the name) and went boating at Paradise beach (it is called so for a reason one can only find when u see for yourself). Friends, good food, beach, amazing weather, what else could I have asked for! My short weekend trip was coming to an end and we were soon to reach Bangalore and on our way back it was pouring cats and dogs all along the way. This was really a trip I would remember for a really long time. Thanks to my friends for making it so special. Monday morning I was all ready to go to office again. 🙂


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