Reality TV shows not for underage kids.

I was so worn out after the day’s work at office & I found myself all alone with nothing else to do on a Friday night and the weekend had only just begun, not that I didn’t have any friends to hang out with. While I lie on my bed waiting to fall asleep the TV was tuned to MTV , I always like songs playing when I am at home and then something caught my attention – there was a program called “True Life” which had people with dual dark side to their personality talk about it. The first thing that came to my mind was if that was for real!! Not that TV channels have any dearth in adulterated programs these days, in-fact the new mantra for the channels lately has become manifestation of obscene abominable stuff in the pretext of reality shows which fetch them more and more TRPs.

Has anyone of us ever given it a thought that these channels are available in millions of households across the world with absolutely unsupervised & unrestricted viewing and what would happen to the conscience of the growing up kids? When the immoral is instilled in them at the very beginning so convincingly how would they grow up to have any lucidity in their conscience as an adult? I had heard elders speak ill of this generation. They would say how we lack ethics and manners and any trace of a well cultured person but would never quite understand any of it, now suddenly all those remarks are coming back to my mind and there are so many thoughts and a chaos of feelings within me.

Let me ask some questions here – who are these people who sit in air-conditioned offices so proud of themselves for coming up with ideas that sure bring great revenue to their broadcasting companies but at the cost of slaughtering the moral of all its untargeted viewers, why do they not take up responsibility of the reach of such shows? How can you stop curious young minds from watching stuff which they shouldn’t be while there is hardly anytime even for their mommies to watch over them these days? & what can you expect kids growing up watching such TV programs as Emotional Atyachar or Splitsvilla to be like – Mother Teresa or Gandhi?

At an age where a child would hardly even know what love or lust is let alone be able to differentiate between them exposure to such convoluted unethical demeanor can hinder their path to grow up to be conventionally civilized? I know too many questions here but my dear readers please sit back for a couple of minutes and think about it all and you will realize what I am referring to. Children are receptive to anything that they see or hear around till they attain adulthood. Since the mind is curious to know answers to so many questions which is only natural owing to such enormous existences and the nature of our mind it is impossible to rewrite or alter the already fed-in information of mind at any later point. If at that tender age we do not restrict the curiosity of those minds’ exposure to only the right things the child will never otherwise know what was wrong against the right things.

I remember myself asking my mother about how my baby sister got into her tummy when I was only but 3 and half years old and my mom had told me that god couldn’t see me being alone so he had sent a sister for me to play with & he was the one who put it there. Now when I am almost 23 I know what truth is but I also know why is that so and under what circumstances? How would anyone explain that to a 4-year-old kid? Sometime back I had read a news article about how children as young as 7-8 years of age kiss their friends of the opposite sex on their lips, the article said that kids learnt such things from looking at their parents & television. Why just that, I have for real come across kids of primary school claiming to have girlfriends & I am totally not kidding!! :O I myself learnt what a girlfriend meant when I was in 10th std and I still remember what kind of opinion I had about it back then.

I accept times have changed and so have lives but isn’t there anyone out there who agrees with me that just because times have changed the real concept of right and wrong hasn’t?!I might be contradicting my own theory of man being the creator of opinion about things but I know I am in complete acceptance with the conventional guidelines of traditional code of conduct. Parents are still the manifestation of the creator and teacher still the guide to the journey of life. I can’t think of any solution of this issue for now at-least but I would surely write about it when I get my answers!



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