Love thyself!!

I still remember my childhood days when my relatives used to look at me and say how short I was going to be (not that I am a dwarf :P) and how my sister is so completely gorgeous (as a matter of fact, she is) I would be lying if I said I never felt bad over such remarks but what I am so proud of is the fact that not being such as great beauty helped me a great deal. I am what I am today because of who I am  and not how I look.

As a child I was under the impression that being beautiful was a God’s gift and only the lucky ones who were his favorites were blessed with it and so  they would live a happy disaster free life. But I guess I was wrong. A friend of mine once told me how humiliating it was when the love of her life had dumped her for someone else. Mind you she was a beauty even by conventional standards and I couldn’t believe a girl like her could be rejected by anyone ever. My heart went out to her and I had no words to console however much I did want to. That was the day I realized god made no bias when he sent us in this world. I believe the whole concept of carnal beauty was created by man and himself, from time immemorial, has fallen prey to it.

Speaking of beauty how can anyone forget Cleopatra! She has been regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the history of mankind but very few may know that she had so much more to her character than just the beauty. Some historians have later stated that the magnanimous beauty queen that she was regarded, was actually not entirely so. Historians agree to the fact that she might not have been bad-looking but wasn’t definitely the never-seen-never-will beauty. She had happened to be lucky enough to have her beauty spoken of and immortalized during the era of limited written accounts. This may sound pretty prejudiced but my only intention here is to indicate that Cleopatra though known mostly for her magnificent beauty was not only a very diplomatic woman who wooed men for her own political advantage but was also an entirely worthy ruler.

If it may have ever occurred to anyone that though women are highly looked upon and counted in the race of looks men are not secluded too. Many mistaken that being born with a beautiful face is all beauty is about. What most people forget is that there is so much more to beauty than that and the way in which it is perceived, for every man’s perspective towards beauty maybe different. Beauty has always been a matter of personal opinion and vary with each individual. Don’t we all know how much was Jonny Depp admired as Captain Jack Sparrow in “The Pirates of the Caribbean”?? I am sure everyone will agree with me that he definitely wasn’t the most handsomest man portrayed in the movie but what was appealing to people across the globe was the demeanor of the character. Similarly wasn’t Renee Zellweger in “Bridget Jones Diary” so completely adorable!!? Even with 34 waist size & such chubby cheeks she completely stole away everyone’s heart & made all the girls (irrespective of their size) believe they were as normal as the skinny ones and stood every chance at being loved back for just the way they were!! 🙂  Remember her line “He loves me just the way I am” 🙂

It is a misconception that beauty is defined and perceived based on certain set of guidelines, everyone is adorable and beautiful in their own way and that is one hundred percent true! 🙂 Some may have really wonderful eyes where as some may be blessed with a charming smile so being proud of who you are is of utmost importance rather than worrying about what lacks. Everyone who loves you will love you for who you are and not how you look and if any of u unfortunately have encountered the wrong people don’t be disheartened, sooner or later you will learn who deserves you and who doesn’t.

So love yourself for unless one loves thyself no one else will!! That is when the whole idea of beauty would be well understood and only then will you find the courage to conquer the world for true beauty lies within oneself and only when one is confident of themselves will the rest of the world be able to see it within you!! 🙂



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