Luv u Mom!

Yesterday was Mother’s day and like every year I did not do anything much apart from calling up my mom to wish her. Since yesterday was a Sunday, I had the entire day to lazy around (not that I specifically look for Sundays to do so 😛 ) and then I stumbled upon the  old  pictures I had of my family with me. I don’t know why but I suddenly felt like just wishing my mom on this day wasn’t enough. I mean think of it, how could just a wish be enough for a lady who has practically given up everything she possibly could for my sake.

Being a mother is a great thing. Though I am not yet (but hope to be one someday) I know a woman can never be anything greater than being a ‘ Mother’. If I have any reader who is a mother would know what I’m talking about here. I remember as a small kid I was such a brat but I could never do without my mom (I’m sure its true with most kids). My mom is a lecturer and she used to have her lectures the entire day, during my school day she used to come home in her lunch breaks to prepare hot chappatis for me & my sister. She knew I liked the chappatis hot and them being hot made me eat more. Sometimes when mom didn’t have enough time to have lunch herself she would rush back to her lectures without one.  I never felt it was such a big deal. I believed it was more like a duty of every mother to look after her kids well.

I remember my mom asking me how the saree she wore looked on her and when I criticized her choice she would immediately change but when I used to approve of it she would light up with a smile. All those stories my mom used to tell me while feeding me food (it is such shame to confess that my mom still feeds me food sometimes when I’m home) There have been so many times that some of my completely unreasonable demands were fulfilled but sometimes when they weren’t and I fought with my mom (believe me for all silliest things ever) she used to cook my favorite dish and come and talk to me herself and then I would realize how foolish I had been to fight. She always had her own way to make me understand things.

Now that I don’t live with her any longer she misses me and I know that because no matter what happens, anyone else calls me or not my mom never fails to call me at-least twice a day just to check if I am alright (imagine everyday 🙂 ) and if I had food on time. I get irritated sometimes when she starts with her speech on how eating right or how sleeping on time are necessary, how it is not right not to talk to my relatives once in a while or why I don’t oil my hair regularly but I know I expect her to do  that. She made me a better person. Be it today, 5 years from now or 20 years I would still need my mom to be there to guide me, to tell me when I’m wrong & appreciate me when I do something good! I have not enough words to explain what a mother is worth and I believe it can’t even be done!

I did never realize what it takes to be a working woman, let alone a mother until the time I actually started working! Initially I would go crazy wondering how many things to keep track of and then when I decided to live independently I was horrified with the idea of cooking let alone make hot chappatis at lunch like the way I liked! Now I know it isn’t very easy to be a woman specially a working woman with two kids to look after!  I have always tried to be like my mother but I don’t know if I can ever be. No matter what one does for their mother, it would still never be enough.

Blessed are those who have their mother to look after so never ever disgrace your mother or hurt her in any way! There maybe some differences sometimes but remember she is your mother and the greatest thing in this world for her is your happiness so find a way to make her understand and keep her happy!

– Dedicated to my mother



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