Emotions & Beliefs ..,

I don’t really know what exactly has had me gripping but what I do know is that I am not feeling very well. Not exactly a thing to be announced to the world (Not that my blog reach is that vast 😉 ) but even otherwise. Everyone says concealing one’s emotions make them stronger beings which in my opinion is nonsense. What about all that diminishing pain and enhancing happiness by sharing!!? When human being is an emotional and social animal why then live like a zombie!?

I don’t really know if I can ever understand the strange ways of world. There are times when I am all irritated and frustrated, even I wouldn’t know the cause myself and I have to make myself alright because I know no one else will bother asking me even for the cause. Sometime back I had written about people committing suicide and how most times it is because they don’t get anyone to confide into or open their heart to. It is seldom that one seeks action from someone during their time of trouble/worry it is just the emotional support and the need of instilling confidence into ourselves is what is expected to which I am sure most would agree.

Why is it becoming so difficult with every passing generation to express oneself when it is one of our prime rights!? Do we not see people commenting on our government? What amazes me is why do we not see many raising their voice? Why do we not see anyone doing anything about anything at all! I understand the fact that not everyone can be masters all the time and rule the world but it is not always about ruling the world. If in such a secular and democratic country as ours which legalizes freedom of speech and gives its citizens the right of expression one cannot stand up-to their belief then where will they!? Think of it, the world admires Father of our nation Mr M K Gandhi because he was one man who chose to raise his voice against the wrong and refused to bend down at any cost. Not only did he stand up-to his belief but also made people of our country realize that it was equally wrong to bear injustice rest everyone knows it was not just him but the collective effort of thousands of people.

It all converges down to one thing with is selflessness or maybe amiability (just to sound a little more practical for present time) that lacks in people today. Time sure has become a precious thing which no one has much to spare but I hope one sits back and thinks what really matters as a living being than as 21st Gen man/woman! Do I make much sense here? I do not know! But what I do know is my message to the people out there who have forgotten to live, who have forgotten what emotions are is just that they take time out not just for themselves but for people they care about. Life has never been nor will it ever be mechanical which means valuing emotions; be it of oneself or others  is what means living and not just acquiring wealth!


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