The Surprise B’day Party ;)

This blog is specially dedicated to ‘Naren’ 🙂

I am a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella’s books, specially her Shopoholic series! 🙂 My friends would know how typical it is of me to like them. I must have seen the movie “Confessions of a Shopoholic” a zillion times already and could watch it many more times too. I always take life as it comes, since I like to keep myself occupied with things that make me happy of which reading and shopping top the list (quiet obviously)! 🙂 And sometimes when I am utterly jobless or when I haven’t had anything interesting enough to do I come up with some crazy ideas (or at-least that’s what my close friends say :P). One such crazy deed of mine was this Surprise B’day party that I wanted to organize for one of my close friends!I know it doesn’t sound insane! Par story abhi baki hai doston! 😉

So when I couldn’t decide on what I could gift him( It is so insane to think of a gift for a close friend specially a guy for me!!!) it suddenly struck me like some bolt of enlightenment that I could throw a surprise birthday party instead! Though not such a high-profile party I could afford I was sure I was totally up for party-time. First thing I did was to get in touch with his childhood buddy who was to help me plan the whole thing. I wasn’t too sure what kind of party would be the best since he isn’t very fond of them nor, from what I was told, he liked partying on his B’day. This was the challenge I wanted to try my luck at 😉 (heights of joblessness!! I know!! 😉 :P)

I Googled for some places in town to organize a reasonably good party and which did fit into my budget. After a million mails and calls here and there I settled down with two options and a backup (its my habit to have backup for most things 😉 It helps deal with last-minute hitches!!) Anyway the point is now I had to decide on which place to book and to do that I had to visit them! After chatting, negotiating (most won’t believe I have polished my bargaining skills 😛 ) and accepting complimentary drinks from the manager at our venue recce I finally booked a restro bar which was offering a fair deal.

Since I had bargained a little too much the manager had asked me to arrange for all the other necessities by myself 😛  like the most important thing – the Cake! well I knew exactly what I wanted for a cake but even then to get that I knew it would not be very easy. I decided to put the cake issue off for until later. Moving on I made the guest-list with carefully picked up people and decided who would follow-up with whose RSVP.  I have always believed in that corollary to Murphy’s law – “You never run out of things that can go wrong.” which was in my case so true! When finally there were a couple of weeks for his B’day I got into a fight with him and blabbed out the whole plan, having told all the guests not to speak of the party to him!! 😦 I know it couldn’t have been worse!! I knew I had to somehow do the damage control for all my anger wreck! So I did what ever I thought could conceal the whole thing. I was somehow hoping he would think the party was canceled since I had blurred it out to him ( it is only normal for anyone to think so, considering I was planning for a surprise and blurred it  myself :P)

Being who I am I had to do what I had planned for so I continued with my arrangements and finally two days before the B’day everything except the cake was ready. All the guests were invited, DJ was appointed and menu was finalized! While I sat worrying about the perfect cake that I wanted my friends kept sending me different options I could look at (which I ‘m sure were good but not better than what I wanted).Finally my colleague found the contact details of the place I was dying for and luckily they did take last-minute orders 🙂 So I had pulled off everything fine so far ( except I didn’t know if it was gonna be still a surprise and I had none but myself to blame for that) 😦 On the day of his B’day I had told him I was away with some work in a very convincing way.

He was brought to the venue by his friend (one who helped me all along). Everything went well after that. Everyone had fun( or at least they said so to me 😉 ) , food and music were amazing too :). Though my friend knew about the party(he wasn’t one of those who belonged to normal category I mentioned above 😉 😛 ) BUT he was indeed surprised seeing the guests (I didn’t know many of his friends who were invited) and how much fun one could possibly have at their B’day with friends 😉 So finally it all ended well and all my guests couldn’t stop telling me what wonderful time they had and the B’day boy did have some sort of surprise(maybe not exactly what I had planned for). What else could have made me more happier! 🙂 😛


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