Just one life..!

I had come to Bangalore about 4 years and 8 months ago. When I left my hometown I had no idea what I was heading towards. All I knew was that my struggle had begun. Coming from a small town it was most obvious that the new environment would be completely alien to me which, as a matter of fact, was indeed. Now when I look back at myself 4 years ago I can see such a difference in myself. Good, bad, innocent or dumb however I was I am definitely not the same person that I was. It is very natural that people do change over time and with age but I believe the circumstances and people in one’s life also contribute in shaping ones demeanour  in a huge way. If I had not come to Bangalore and had shifted to Mumbai or some other place or had I not met such people who influenced my life directly or indirectly who knows how different I would have been from what I am today!!

Be it academically, intellectually, personally or professionally every person learns something(significant or trivial) from everyone he comes across. There have been so many habits or things which I appreciated in others and consciously adopted them in my life and there are those which I unconsciously inculcated over a period of time. Some of them were beneficial and some not very good for my own self. It is normal human psychology to adapt and inculcate new things. Me being an open-minded person only adds to this trait. It is also a proven fact that human brain takes in bad things faster than good ones.

It is always easier to yield to fallacy and do things which might not just harm others but also one’s own self. To this day I have not been able to understand sadists . What I mean here is I have actually seen some people who find a strange cheap thrill in causing trouble to others and seeing them suffer for no specific reason. I have also come across a few who would themselves accept this to be true. Though it used to disgust me to witness such happenings I seldom do much about it lately! I know it is sad!! You may categorize me as one of those who just stands and witnesses evil and does nothing about it but that isn’t the whole truth. I did poke my nose in a million issues of injustice before I realized the sanest thing to do was to stop bothering myself about issues which didn’t concern me. That doesn’t mean I have become a self-centered and an egotist and don’t care to stand up to what I believe in. I do, but now in my own way! or should I say sane way(mostly) ;)!!

I have no clue as to what had drilled such a thing in my head as insanity, by that I don’t mean literally, but it is good for me to be a little insane, unpredictable and living-on-the-edge sometimes. I am also a person who seeks security mostly, be it in relations or finance or academics but I also never hesitate to take up risks which are mostly well calculated and other times just gambled 😀 which does keep my life a little better than arid! Having zest for life and never giving up on things one wants in life is the key to a psychedelic and contented life. 🙂 According to me what one becomes is not what success means but it means how far one achieves his dreams. Let me explain my point; if someone aspires to become a most loved and learned teacher he is as much successful in life as the one who wanted to and did become the Prime Minister of the country. Measuring success or for that matter happiness using someone else’s as standard is meaningless.

Another thing I strongly advocate always is for one to have enough nerve to stand up to one’ s own belief! When a man is born free why not he be let to live his life according to his will? No one has till now been able to convince me to alter my views in that regard so I continue to believe that I know best what I want in life for myself than anybody else in this world and that everyone loves themselves more than anybody else. So why live life on other’s commands or under someone’s fear. Nobody knows what is after death so why not live this one precious god gifted life to ones own best!? 🙂 Like I always say”Never lose faith in life,Life is indeed beautiful one has to just not ruin it and brood” 😛


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