Self-help books: Overrated!

After so long I could think of something to write about. It is only when I feel for something or strongly believe in something that I am able to write a blog and it is well evident I had not come across anything of late. Well, I thought I could talk about something I have always believed in. I remember my dad reading self-help books – Imagine “How to control anger”, “How to deal with teenagers” :P, not only my dad, I have come across so many people who read such books (there are so many bestseller self-help books out there!) and I have always wondered how could those books possibly change anyone’s life!? It is like a person becoming a billionaire reading ”Guide to become a Billionaire” 😀

There was a time when my dad wanted me to read a book called “I am Ok You are Ok” I could never get myself to go beyond a couple of pages (Sorry Mr Harris nothing personal!!) just that I have never really believed such books help anyone! I do agree its a way people could share their experiences which others could read about but not as some guiding means. Let me inform my readers that since this is my blog the views presented here are completely personal which could most certainly differ from yours.

Coming to self-help books, I had once read in some article somewhere about how the entire world had become a kind of market place and every minute everyone is trying to sell something or the other, be it their opinion ( O ya! believe it! Opinions of big shot people are actually sold in a way) or anything tangible. It’s all about playing with the psychology of the minds! There is such a word called ‘Cashectomy’ which is apparently used to indicate unplanned expenditure generally a heavy sum! It is a well-known simple rule to sell anything – creating a mystical curiosity and urge the common man to believe it is the most important thing for him and even before he analyses or gives it a sensible thought he would have given-in to cashectomy ! and who benefits ? Everyone! Because everyone does it to others. Don’t believe me!? Think of a company selling cars, Sales manager makes his customers believe that they need that ultra luxury car more than anything else in this world, plus given their TG how are HNI individuals what would they do with all much money they have anyway.Now imagine a customer being a jeweler, he would in-turn make sure he conveys his message just right.From auto drivers to the people selling vegetable at the local market are all a part of this huge circus.

Now coming to the main point, these self-help books are also a part of the same. Think of it; If a person knows his anger is exceeding the limits and harming him in a certain way, how is reading some book gonna help him? My point is, why not sit calmly and think what gets him angry and why is it that he cannot control it and try ways that would suit to calm himself down. I had a friend who was following a self-help book on weight reduction and what a disaster that was! She practically was starving as long as she was following it and in the end she put on more weight than before when she discontinued. Everyone has problems or short comings as long as one is determined to overcome or achieve something.

Can anyone think of one person who has achieved extraordinary success like maybe Bill Gates, M K Gandhi etc who helped themselves using such books!? Well in my opinion people should really stop wasting their time with such books any try to address their problems in their own way.No one better than themselves would know whats best for them! After-all one needs customized solutions for customized problems aur wo in self-help books mai kaha!! 😉


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