Just my unclog !!

It has been a while now since I wrote anything on my wall. Not that I couldn’t think of anything to write but because I was caught up with so many other projects that I couldn’t find time! Here I take a bit of privilege to excuse myself with such an excuse as this. I have always believed a man who wants to do something anything can always make time to do that. It is just the matter of how badly someone wants something. Same is true in my case as well. The actual fact is that I had lost my interest in blogging for a while. The true Taurian that I am, I tend to get bored with things very soon.

I had been feeling strangely alone in spite of having so many people around lately and couldn’t understand why. I in-fact didn’t even want to give it any thought to understand the root cause of this awful feeling. I have always been this person who would avoid self confrontations. Last time I confronted myself was for my shopping habit 😛 and all went well after that. It has been 2 months now since I last went on a shopping spree, not that there is anything wrong with shopping as long as you aren’t wasting someone else’s money for that matter even if its one’s own dad’s money!

Anyway this blog is half mindless since I am blogging to unclog my feelings which have almost choked me to death. If I didn’t let them out I fear they might just take their toll on me and make me and all those around me suffer my bad mood which I would never approve of. Also since I have given up on shopping and I can’t really bank on anything else at this point of time to make me feel good so this was my only option.

I always keep asking everyone why is it so difficult to do their respective job properly. Like this one day when I had been to bank to transfer some cash I had forgotten to write the branch on the slip and the lady accountant started shouting on top her voice, for sometime I couldn’t understand why was this whole scene for.Later I heard her saying that she gets frustrated when people commit such silly mistakes and think that accountants are sitting there patiently to take all that from all their customers. I didn’t know what to say, so I just left the place before I lost it with her.

Another time when one of my colleague had lost her cell phone and she had to get a replacement sim card to get her connected back to the world. This huge multinational telecom company sim that she was using could hire actresses like Kareena Kapor for advertising but couldn’t hire patient people with little sense in their head for their customer care. After requesting her sim activation patiently for two days even after having completed all the necessary procedures, my colleague tried to reason it out with them as it was pretty important for her to get the sim activated and what she gets in return is a heated argument and ends up buying a new sim altogether.

There are many more such instances which made me think to myself if I am in the right profession! I could not help but infer that everyone should know themselves good enough to be able to decide for themselves the best place they could be in, be it a work place or a relationship or anything else. When a man is born free, is independent enough to do what he pleases why then does he get himself into such a position which frustrates and saddens him is something I don’t understand. If someone is not very patient why then get into such a profession which requires it. Instead analyse your character and inclination and figure out what profession suite you best.

I hope I fare well as a PR manager! Good day everyone!


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  1. Ms. Unclogging.. This entry has so many random thoughts.. all disconnected 😛 😀
    Keep blogging.. Its fun reading your entries 😀

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