Man’s interference with Mother Nature.,

<Dedicated to Mr V.Krishna Nanda>

Mother nature has been nurturing and sustaining all forms of life from time immemorial. Every civilization that came into existence acknowledged the forces of nature that helped man survive. As man evolved, he started exploring the planet so much that from understanding and appreciating he started meddling with it. Everything has its own predefined course in this universe. When this process is modified or altered, the natural existence is imbalanced which obviously has devastating consequences. In simple words, Everything belongs to a Universe which is a small part of some Multiverse as far as man has known till now and all is extremely complexly and precisely made. No matter how much man may attempt to outsmart the Nature, he can never achieve the impossible.

When man himself is the creation of the creator how could he ever challenge the almighty and win against him? I am not talking about God here, I am referring to the ultimate power which is behind existence of everything known and unknown. Human being is a wonder in itself. Instead of enjoying what he is endowed with, today he is bring on destruction on himself. When Charles Darwin spoke of survival of the fittest he predominantly referred to various different species which came to life on this planet and since it was nature’s decision to let those species battle it out within themselves it made sense for good. As the time went by and man became the undefeated master of this planet he started formulating his own rules thinking he has become so powerful that he could command the place of what had created him and this same rule of “survival of fittest” started within the human race!

Science is known to have placed man on to the paramount of existing species but the same has been misleading man for so long that he doesn’t realize how futile his attempts are to beat the supreme Nature. With every new discovery by man, nature takes its course at its own sweet pace to make sure it is counteracted.Let us take a simple example: When man started farming he had nothing but his hands and brain. As he began to understand how plants and tress are grown for food, he started using appropriate tools he could think of for better farming. To begin with he started farming for himself and his family later extending it to his community, then came a stage when this extended to a group of communities and ultimately came the time when he started doing it for money which was back to fill only his own stomach. Can you see the cycle here?

Continuing with his advancements in farming he came up with many different ways of growing plants. Then came hybrids, in-vitro fertilization, green houses, cross breeds, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and what not? What used to be taken care of by nature before, man had begun causing irreparable damage to the entire system. The day is not far when the almighty nature loses its patience and brings man back to the prehistoric life phase. Challenging the unchallengeable is no sanity! Does it not resemble that story of Adam and Eve? When God had asked them to enjoy their life appreciating what he had provided them with, Eve wanted to examine what was that forbidden fruit like. Everything in nature was provided in just the right quantities always, there was never any necessity for man to interfere but he did and now he can only pray that the consequences aren’t fatal to his race.

Can anyone think of why we need human cloning or nuclear bombs? Why do we need to drive out the entire energy entrapped for good reasons within the earth’s crust  into the atmosphere, whose reason boils down to some self-made currencies man is trying to accumulate?? I cannot think of more insanity than that.


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