The Valentine’s day is for all..,

I have never actually had a chance to celebrate Valentine’s day till now. I used to believe this day was vastly over-rated, I mean why do people have to do all crazy  stuff like they do on Valentine’s day. Love should be expressed always and celebrated everyday! The other thing that used to annoy me was the moral police swearing and checking people on roads. But I guess I was wrong, we celebrate our b’days every year (mostly) and Christmas and Mother’s day and Children’s day then why not Valentine’s day, so there is nothing wrong to celebrate your love for that special person of your life. Maybe people are in love everyday but today is all about expressing it and showing your beloved how much they mean to you!

The history of Valentine’s Day is quiet ambiguous and according to the legends this day has been celebrated since 270 AD. It began from a pagan holiday during Roman times which was a lecherous festival. With the spread of Christianity in Europe, Church leaders included it in the calendar on Feb 14th dedicating it to a priest hoping to retain their parishioners and at same time trying to turn them from sexual lecherousness to rectitude.There is also another story about how St Valentine used to get soldiers married to their loved ones  secretly during King Claudius’ reign who had prohibited marriage for his soldiers. Another legendary story speaks of how St.Valentine had signed “from your Valentine” in a letter to his beloved (Daughter of the jailer) during his imprisonment before his execution.

Whatever the stories,February has always been associated with love and affection and celebration of the same. Since ancient times many lovers have been proposing their love to their special ones and those who had their love of life already celebrated it like it was the greatest thing on earth. Maybe not everyone is blessed to have such a person in their life plus you don’t necessarily have to have someone special to celebrate according to me. Those who don’t have anyone to celebrate with this time don’t have to get all sulky and depressed. Everyone gets someone someday who would gift you chocolates or maybe diamonds 😉 and take you out on a romantic dinner but until then you could do something for yourself. Call up someone, anyone and go out shopping or for a dinner or ask someone out on a nice date. Going on a healthy date isn’t wrong or meaningless for today! Pamper yourselves with shopping or chocolates or that long pending grooming at a saloon or spa treatment. Catch up with other single friends(‘coz you can’t most definitely ask your committed friends to give you company!!) over a coffee or lunch or best of all, throw a singles’ party and get drunk. 🙂

I made it a point not to be indifferent to Valentine’s day this time and celebrate it in my own way :). I started off with calling my close friends and offering to help them plan something nice for their Valentine. I helped them with a plan & made a few arrangements for a romantic dinner for them and I don’t remember feeling better than that before. I am hoping my friends will have a wonderful dinner tonight. This Valentine’s day may not be the most romantic one for me but sure is really special because am happy and am celebrating it 🙂 [even if it’s in my own way].

This blog is specially dedicated to all the single people out there who have no one to celebrate this Valentine’s day with. Do write to me about what you all did to make your day better for I would love to hear from you all.




  1. The reason this is one of the best blogs is tat it passes on the most beautiful message.. TO BE HAPPY..single or dont matter..i donno wats love n all n i believe i am a pragmatist..all the same u kno me too well.. but this blog will definitely help a disparaged mind, assuage n lift its spirits… Keep touching the lives of ppl the same way..!!

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