World is not really bad! :)

As usual I woke up late and was hurrying to get to office on time. Mom calls up like she does everyday but today I was still getting ready while she called. Hurriedly I picked up all my things – at least those of which I could lay my hands on and sprinted towards the bus stop.Thats right! since I have been striving to stick to cutting my travelling expenditure I make it  a point to take bus to my office at least one way.I was so happy with myself having saved  around 200 bucks already! 🙂

I somehow managed to grab all my things and started walking briskly so that I reached in time for the Volvo bus ( I hate those ordinary BMTC buses!! Actually I wonder if anyone loves them at all) Like in some hindi movie where the heroine runs in slow motion to catch the bus with so much stuff in her hand, a handbag hanging and over the phone in another hand I made it to my Volvo – just that it wasn’t exactly in slow motion in my case :). All satisfied and happy about getting into the bus I took a seat & started digging into my bag for cash.

Now this is what happened! I kept searching like a freak for sometime while people around me looked on.Their look scared me to the core and I silently started praying that I find the cash somehow in my bag! I had by then realized that my valet was left over at home.I had forgotten to pick it up from my dressing table where I had placed it the previous night. The conductor had already issued a ticket and these days with those hi-tech ticketing machines it is so difficult to even pass the ticket to someone else! Shit!! I was cursing myself wondering how on earth could I have done something that silly.I was half expecting to be thrown out of the bus after a round of royal blasting from the conductor. I was quietly hoping if I could vanish from there magically but alas..,

While I  was busy searching my bag & pondering over what to do, I had not realized that a young lady (maybe a couple of years older than me) was watching me. She waited till I called the driver who had by then reached the other end of the bus to tell him that I didn’t have any money to pay and I would get out at the next stop. She held out a 10 rupee note and asked me to take it. I couldn’t believe if it was happening for real. Imagine a complete stranger offering to help you (that too a lady),I mean not that people don’t help at all but am sure it isn’t very common to see people willing to offer to pay for your ticket just because you forgot your valet! With a smile she said if I didn’t take the cash the conductor would anyway blast me even if I wanted to get down at the very next stop. Since I wasn’t left with any other option I accepted and asked her to give me her cell phone number so that I could return her cash the next day. As I paid the conductor, I sat relaxed in my seat finally thinking to myself that the horrible problem was somehow solved.

I sat talking to that lady till I reached my stop. I gave her 6 bucks that I had found in my bag somehow. When I finally told her goodbye and got down I was feeling a strange sense of goodness as if the nature was trying to re-instill my faith in philanthropy (Off late I was becoming cynical given the kind of people I had come across) Whatever it was, however trivial or silly, it sure did make me realize not the entire world is bad. Maybe majority of the times we come across rudeness and bad people, it doesn’t mean we give up hope or change ourselves into a cynical & become one of those. Let us all look at the bright side of things and never let that little hope of wellness & of a beautiful world go away.We make the world and even one single person can make a difference, so let that single person be each one of us 🙂



  1. priyanka… hai 🙂 that is really so sweet one .. not abt that lady who helped yu in bus… its abt you .. jo tumne use yaad rakha aur itni pyari tarah se apne blog mein pesh this was my 1st encounter in ur blog so dint go thru whole thing.. hope its very interesting as i go it further.. 🙂 great work..keep doing .. never stop this.. from nw nwards der s a new faaaaaaaann of ur blog yendd you… lol 😀 all d best for coming ones.. tk cr.. good night..

  2. oh.. so it was ur turn to become the beggar-for-the-day? ;P.

    Actually bmtc ordinary buses are quite useful..esp if you are in a hurry and want to get there without waiting forever for a volvo to show up!.

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