Julie & Julia..,

Some of my friends said that my blogs looked more like essays.I was obviously feeling bad for that, and was even wondering what on earth made me think I could ever blog let alone get better at it! To add on I had a real bad day, had a fight, was stood up for the dinner I was so excited about all day and in  the whole process of trying to be understanding to my friend I had sacrificed my dinner which I wasn’t very happy about. 😦

I decided to watch some movie to cheer myself up and thank god the movie Julie & Julia was playing on HBO that night. I normally either watch one of my favorite movies or go shopping when am feeling low and this movie is one of my all time favorites. It always leaves me feeling good.The fact that it is a real life story makes it even more interesting. I am more of a happily-ever-after & feel-good movies kind of person.

Just to give a gist of the movie – It is about these two women who found their happiness in cooking and made it a part of their life. Julia Child, a well know personality today in the field of cooking didn’t always have those incredible culinary skills, incidentally it was only after she had tried her hand at almost everything she could possibly do, she landed up taking cooking lessens when she finally realized it was this she was good at and wanted for herself. That was when her exceptional art of cooking came to life. It is rather surprising she never realized she could cook earlier in life since she enjoyed eating more than anything else or maybe it was meant to be just the way it happened. Life is so strange, one minute we think we know what we want and next minute we feel that’s just not the thing for us! I think the beauty of life is its trait to be so unpredictable.

Julie who was so fed up with the banalities of her life didn’t know what could make it better and ended up taking the challenge of cooking through Julia Child’s magnum opus. She thought their lives were almost similar & rediscovered herself and began to believe she could make a difference to her life and for better.My favorite part of the movie is when Amy Adams is wondering if she is just blogging in dark empty void for nobody and even then she is so determined to carry on with her project & keeps going :). I always end up saying ‘Aww poor thing!!’ and I also like the part where Meryl Streep says such wonderful words for her husband at a dinner which i guess goes like – the reason for my breath and butter to my bread.

These are the kind of movies I turn to when I am feeling low or cynical and to this day they have managed to have the same effect on me every time. I think everyone should figure out what makes them happy and do that when they are not in best of their mood. This blog is dedicated to Julie & Julia – the movie I would always love watching!  Good day everyone! 🙂



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