Our Epic Books..

Here I am again with my views on something I am passionately Opinionated about.This blog of mine may not appeal to all and few may even find it irrelevant.Nevertheless I would still like to write this for those few I hope will like.I am sure most people enjoy reading and what one reads might vary from one another.As far as I remember I started reading since I was 10.I have read all kinds of books;from biographies to novels & historic books to philosophical ones.Every  book that I have read has taught me something and that is the reason I understand their power to influence ones mind & thoughts.

My grand father was a voracious reader and there were two huge cupboards with nicely stacked books of all kinds at his place.There were novels, spiritual books, books on philosophy, mystery and of course his medical bibles!I never really knew him well since I was only 6 when he passed away but every time I visited my grandma I used to stand in front of the cupboards staring at those books wondering to myself as to when would I be able to read them.Like any other grandpa,he too used to love me a lot and whatever time I could spend with him I treasure them to this day.The reason I am quoting him here is because I believe my interest in books comes from him. I had brought all his books home and whenever I used to  miss him I used to flick through the pages from those books even if I could not read them all.

My mom used to tell me how well read my grandpa was and about his special interest in spiritual & philosophical books.It was from there that I started my journey of reading.By the time I was 16 I had read the English translations of both Ramayana & Mahabharata.My dad didn’t appreciate that much, he always said such books were meant for senility.It has always been that way.People turn to spirituality & philosophy at old age, but my interest kept me at it and I am glad it did.

What I would like to convey to all here is that holy books are not necessarily meant to be read at old age but at an age where one is shaping their life.Good books have an impact on every reader in one way or other. Ramayana,Mahabharata, Bhagwat Gita, Bible, Quran are all such books which help in shaping our lives better.They might not be the real stories but they sure have the strength to convey their message strongly.When I say they have the capacity to teach us the way of life I mean that at tender age when one is forming various opinions and drawing innumerable conclusions,trying to understand what is good and what is bad what he/she feeds into their brain remains with them forever and that is when books like these helps one to become a humble and a cultured person.

I don’t say this is the only way to build one’s character but this would be the simplest one according to me.It is like how visit to a temple or a church always makes one feel good and purified! I didn’t mean to sound too preachy but the point I wanted to convey through this piece is that every kid should read our epic books.Not only will they make them aware of their rich culture but also induce goodness in them and make them believe what badness leads to.When a child is taught the importance of being good they will follow that for the rest of their life and isn’t this is what the world needs today more than anything else??


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