Time to awaken the weaker ones..,

I had never really given any thought before on discussions or debates on the whole safety or equality of women issue or women’s rights.Maybe a lot has already been written and spoken about this before but even then penning down my thoughts here seemed like the only way I could arrest my frustration that was building within.From past couple of days many incidents triggered me to think  if women are really treated with parity, if they are really given the same place as men in the society today.All the physical & emotional harassments women are subjected to everyday is just an insight into what a dark side our society has towards the one they themselves chose to call Janani – ‘The one responsible for birth & nourishment’.

At night when it’s all dark and a girl is striving to get back home, she puts her hand out for an auto & what she gets is his unreasonable demands,Rs 200 for 2 km!!What is that?There is a limit for anyone to take advantage of any situation.Women today not only feel unsafe in their own city but also in their own locality, their own house sometimes.We never know when which man might turn into a beast to feed on them.There have not been less instances where the mankind has seen its sustaining gender being treated less than a piece of cloth.When one wanted to wear it, worn it & after dirtying threw it away torn in pieces.Why else would we have a government like Taliban in this world and the entire human race quietly looking at it as if it was such a trivial issue or why would we have a nation of hundred million people doing nothing about women being molested or raped & murdered every second hour somewhere in the country.

One could argue that it is the way world works,besides men are much stronger than women in every aspect,if women are the sustainer of this world men are the protectors, blah blah… Even if we agree to all that, where is it mentioned that the stronger one should thrash the weaker? Who has given them rights to ill treat the other sex ? Having power doesn’t mean showcasing it in the most hideous way possible. Being better doesn’t mean dominating the rest of the beings . Being scientific doesn’t mean bombing the world. Being civilized doesn’t mean treating the other ruthlessly.

I really pity those who think they are a part of  the highly civilized society.If this is civilization then what is brutality?what is barbarity? Civilization means refinement. If this is refinement then it could only be that of wild beasts called men who are evolving but not in a humanly way but in their own barbaric animal way.They are civilized to such an extent that they have come to think that they are the rulers of this world.They probably believe that they are the ultimate power of strength & intellect.

There is another way of viewing things.Maybe now is the time women woke up from their slumber & realised what is happening is just a beginning of what is to become worse.Remember the famous theory of Charles Darwin?? – “THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”. Yes, I think its high time women thought about it seriously.It is enough of nonsense she has patiently bore, if we don’t act now it isn’t very far when we would be enslaved by men forever! So what if the nature has made women the weaker sex, it has also nurtured them.Physical & mental adaptation is an eternal process of nature & the species who could adapt to the environment of the then dominating species survived all along.If mankind could survive the Mesozoic era, male species shouldn’t be very hard to tackle.

Next time a guy teases you, don’t just take it with tears.If a guy doesn’t want to marry you because you don’t want to sell yourself, you be the one to walk out. If your husband beats you up get him behind the bars. If you see any injustice happening around you,speak up! We may not be the strongest but we are so much more civilized species.I am truly proud to be born a girl. At least I wont go around creating irrecoverable trouble in this world…! Cheers to womanhood 🙂



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