Being nice ..,

Yesterday when I picked up the news paper,I was so shocked to see one of the news piece which read “Bangalore suicide capital yet again” and what was even more shocking was the fact that the top reason for the reported suicides was ‘Family problems’.It got me thinking as to what could be the possible family problems which drove these souls to take their own life.No one ever said life was going to be easy specially in today’s world but life isn’t so worthless that one puts an end to it without even trying out every single possibility. Life definitely deserves to be given a chance to make situations better.Even I have been through times when I was so dejected and torn that I felt like there was no way out.What kept me going was the belief I had in myself and some mystical power people call God.

Family issues no doubt sometimes reach an unbearable point where one finds themselves in a confounding situation but that doesn’t mean one gives up on life so easily.No matter how grave a problem is it would still have some solution, else it would be called a mystery and not a problem.All one needs is a right insight or maybe a right person one could confide his/her fears into and seek help.Today people are becoming more and more self-centered and egotists.As the civilizations evolve, shouldnt the community become more and more amiable & not the other way round and what good are all the communication advancements mankind boosts about if it can’t even keep people connected at heart?What I am trying to say is not only have people become cynical about mankind but have also concluded that compassion and benevolence as surrealistic lately.

I hear people saying they don’t believe in love because someone broke their heart, I even hear people say honesty does not work in today’s world,what they forget is society is just a reflection of us.If we have never lent a hand to a friend in need or helped a colleague or a neighbor,let alone some random person we encountered,how can we expect to find help in our time of melancholy.In most places we see people aren’t even acquainted with their neighbors today, and they so proudly claim that to be a part of their unstated society demeanor.I have also heard people say friends are only to have fun with and nothing more.Have relationships become so hollow and frivolous that we can’t find even a single person to share our feelings with, or talk our heart out to??I wouldn’t say I am a very popular and have lots of great friends and have never come across bad ones ever,to be a misanthrope. I have come across all sorts of people good, bad, egotists, ego maniacal even dumb and aimless.That never stopped me from believing in people.I must have come across one loving person out of 10 and those sweet ones, I have treasured as friends ever since.

Everyone goes through bad times and what one needs during their time of dejection is someone to understand and support them.Being nice to people wont cost anything nor does it take up long time.Solitude and ill will is only going to add to all the stress and anxiety people go through these days.This is the reason we find so many people suffering from depression and mental stress these days.All the relaxation therapies & those expensive stress busting spa treatments are not going to help anyone unless wellness comes from within and for mental wellness money is not the only criteria.Lets all take time out from our busy schedule for a few minutes to talk to one such special friend we care for.I am sure it would bring a smile on your face too and reassure you that you do have someone you care about and who cares for you.Amiable society would make this world so much more better a place to live in. 🙂



  1. Was this the article u dedicated to me? I am nice btw 😀
    Love this article.. so typical of u to have witten one of this kind.. 😀

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