The Advent…

Hi all 🙂 finally i start blogging. It feels real good. I always had this misconception that blogging was something very complicated and was only for geeky techies but now I know it isn’t really so and the wonderful feeling I have right now is ineffable. The sole reason that got me started here is my new job. My ever imagined career predilection has finally kick started and now I know there is no looking back for me.When I was so reluctant not to yield to just any job which came my way during my final year of graduation, i was not sure where was I going to head, all i knew was what I didn’t want for myself. So in-spite of all the stares and the raised eyebrows at me from everyone around i kept following my heart. I must say it is such a different feeling to do just what you want all the time not bothering about what others want you to do or what a conventional career path for your academics is. I see so many of my friends who have great job today and earn crazy bucks but i can bet, more than half of them must be cursing themselves for getting themselves into where they are now & not trying for their choice of work even once. I am sure they must have thought to themselves if they would ever be able to do things which they  miss doing or ones which they had put off for later.This only makes me feel lucky and gets me more determined to do my best and take myself where i have chosen to be. I guess the reason why we see so many people shifting career and pursuing there interests as a career option even if it at a later stage in life is because they no longer stick to the ancient rule of suffering the job all  their life once they opted for it .This I believe is the beginning of a new epoch where the conventional careers are going to be replaced by more specialized, at the same time more diverse options. So cheers to the new Era 🙂 May everyone get the courage and will to do exactly what they desire…….



  1. Good start 🙂 both to the blog and to your career. Keep it going gal 🙂 and yeah you need guts to pursue your dream. Tough but very rewarding 🙂

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