R&M's New Solution for Fiber Optic Management

Telecom Service Providers among segments that will benefit from R&M’s SCM solution, which is a new tray system for all network areas, from the main distributor to building entry point/support for FTTH


WETZIKON, Switzerland & BANGALORE, India – December 2, 2010 – The expansion of broadband networks is currently causing an exponential increase in the number of installed optical fibers. Network operators need new solutions to be able to handle these quantities to the building entry point in an orderly and reliable manner. According to TRAI, the number of telephone subscribers in India increased from 621.28 million in Mar-10 to 671.69 million at the end of Jun-10. This reflects year-on-year (Y-O-Y) growth of 44.5% over the same quarter of last year. The overall teledensity in India has reached 56.83 as on 30th June 2010.


To address this opportunity, Swiss cabling expert R&M (www.rdm.com) has developed its Single Circuit Management (SCM) portfolio. It is a modular tray system for all areas of the network, from main distributor to building entry point. The SCM core components allow you to manage fibers and subscriber connections in a standard way. They support current FTTH market strategies such as Point to Point (P2P) or Point to Multipoint (P2MP) and Open Access, as well as the future high-power and xWDM applications for ultra-broadband networks.


The SCM family is based on only a handful of components that can be put together without tools using a quick assembly technique. The scalable module support with integrated fiber conduits serves as the backbone. One can click in the trays to serve splice, breakout and splitter functions, as needed. That way, a network operator can expand the FTTH infrastructure flexibly and quickly or adapt it to meet its individual needs.


One can thumb through the trays on the module support and can assign each tray to a street, for example, or a building, housing unit or subscriber. A large label field with interchangeable labels, numbering and color coding makes the handling of even large numbers of fibers easier. Individual subscribers can be very easily connected and administered.


Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing Director, R&M India says, “India is still a growing FTTH market where the mass market is yet to be tapped. To cater to such big number of untapped users a network backbone is necessary. Often, the Indian telecom service providers come across challenges like large fiber counts, identification complexities of fiber during maintenance due to large volumes, messy cable work, and difficulties in maintaining or handling classic design of a generic ODF. Our SCM portfolio will address all these issues.


The large bending radius of 40 millimeters is one of the outstanding features of the SCM family. Trays, modules and surfaces for placing excess lengths are designed so you need not bend the fibers any more than that. The bending radius is maintained even in the smallest unit, the Venus Box FLA house connection box, and also in fiber crossover. The stress-free radius minimizes attenuation losses and optimizes handling during installation. As a result, the SCM family from R&M lays the groundwork for optimum performance in future high-power and xWDM applications.


The SCM family is designed for ultra-dense fiber optic infrastructures. The three different tray types can be fitted with six or 24 fibers and shrink-fit or crimp-splice holders or with 1:32 splittings. Combine SCM with the Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) from R&M and you can manage up to 1152 fibers in a single distribution frame. The R&M splice enclosure for fine distribution underground in the last mile can accommodate up to 96 trays or 1152 splices. The Venus Box FLA for the building entry point can fit up to 144 fibers and splices when combined with the SCM. The SCM is suitable for all types of cables and fibers found on the market.



Multifunctional splice trays form the most important parts of the “Single Circuit Management (SCM)” system from R&M. The picture shows the Single Element (SE) version for the accommodation of up to 24 optical fibers – a generous fiber supply for providing entire streets with FTTH and a solution for splicing through with shrink-fit or crimping technology. The SE tray can be combined seamlessly with the modern 24-fiber loose tube.
The trays for the Single Circuit Management SCM system from R&M provide uncluttered fiber guidance, a 40 millimeter bending radius, numbering, color coding and a large interchangeable label. For Image Click Here


The modular Single Circuit Management (SCM) System from R&M can be used in all areas of the network, from the central office to the building entry point. Combine SCM with the Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) from R&M and you can manage up to 1152 fibers in a single distribution frame. For Image Click Here


The R&M splice enclosure for fine distribution underground in the last mile can accommodate up to 96 trays of the Single Circuit Management system or 1152 splices.

Photo: R&M

For Image Click Here
The next generation of R&M FTTX subscriber management is nearly here. With the integration of its new and revolutionary ODF modules in street cabinets, R&M has achieved yet another milestone in subscriber management. Installation work in the field has never been so reliable, so simple or so modular. The inner workings of your street cabinet will grow right along with your base of network subscribers without your having to invest money in advance.

Photo: R&M

For Image Click Here
The Venus Box FLA for the building entry point can fit up to 144 fibers and splices and a corresponding number of subscribers with a fiber optic connection when combined with the SCM system. Excess length storage is integrated. The compact design also supports loop installations. The sturdy Venus Box is weather-resistant as well as being dust-proof and impervious to splashing water pursuant to IP54.

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About R&M

R&M is a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks. With its copper and fiber optic systems the company contributes significantly towards ensuring operational reliability in voice, data and image transmission – worldwide. As a systems provider R&M has set itself the target of developing optimum functionality and, above all, satisfying the highest quality criteria. R&M also provides maximum installation and maintenance convenience. R&M solutions stand out by virtue of their maximum availability combined with cost-effective network operation. R&M’s high level of product quality and forward-looking system design ensure that the networks are sustainable and the investments safeguarded. R&M cabling solutions are used in office buildings and homes, by network operators and in industry. More information is available at www.rdm.com


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