Motilal Oswal Achieves Higher Branch Trading Uptime with Elina Solution

ENPAQ branch gateway solution and ENPAQ Remote Business Enabler improves Motilal Oswal’s branch network performance, security and branch trading uptime


BANGALORE, India- November 22, 2010 – Networking & IT management solutions firm, Elina Networks, delivered a modular and integrated solution with Network Visibility, Network Continuity & Network Security to Motilal Oswal’s branch networks. By deploying the ENPAQ branch gateway solution at their branches and the ENPAQ Remote Business Enabler at their HQ, Motilal Oswal is now seeing improved branch network performance, security and branch trading uptime.


Motilal Oswal Securities, was looking for ways to deliver higher trading uptime in their branch network, they realized that a network security or VPN solution alone was not enough to deliver high uptime. At the branch of a premier broking company like Motilal Oswal many applications, different types of network traffic, and different network technologies must all work seamlessly together to reach 100% trading uptime.


Elina provides us with an integrated solution that supports high branch uptime, multicast feed support, branch network security,” says Rajesh Singhal, VP-IT of Motilal Oswal Securities. Multicast support is a key to enable low latency, high terminal count trading branches in the broking industry.


Shekar Nair, CEO of Elina Networks, says “Distributed enterprises like Motilal Oswal need a holistic solution that takes care of a unique set of challenges in networking and IT manageability. Without the Elina solution, Motilal Oswal would have to deal with two or three independent devices to achieve similar benefits, but at a much lower ROI and with more manageability hassles.


Being one of the largest broking houses in the country, performance and scalability were key concerns for Motilal Oswal’s IT team. “Elina’s software solution could match our requirement on Performance and Scale, including latency and throughput. Elina is reliable, scalable and secures our branch trading network,” continued Singhal.


We have put in significant effort to create a solution which caters to the tight latency and throughput requirements of the Indian businesses that transact remotely from diverse branch locations to HQ. Every day hundreds of crores of transactions go through these networks, and our customers are assured of the low latency and high throughput they need,” added Shekar.


Elina provides a Secure branch gateway that delivers seamless automatic network failover (between VSAT, leased-line, MPLS, broadband), traffic prioritization and shaping for trading traffic, secures the branch network, keeps corporate Internet access policies and enables a high degree of branch visibility.


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About Elina Networks

Elina creates networking & IT management solutions that deliver business continuity and visibility, through robust network security, reliable connectivity, and effective remote IT management. In doing so, Elina helps increase productivity of customer’s business transactions, secure their enterprise resources from hackers & viruses, and make their IT team look very good by improving their IT Responsiveness at a high Return on Investment (RoI).


Elina Networks is committed to helping distributed enterprises across various verticals resolve their current IT delivery pain points through leading edge software & excellent support. AnandRathi, Motilal Oswal, Geojit, RPG Spencer’s Retail, Chettinad Cements, ITI Financials, TIV/Cavinkare, LifeKen, CRI Pumps, BSNL, BEL, RailTel are some customers using Elina’s solution successfully to increase their business productivity while experiencing an excellent RoI. For more information, visit



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