IT Manageability made stronger through Elina’s ENPAQ 3.0 Version


BANGALORE, India– November 2, 2010 – Networking & IT management solutions firm, Elina Networks has announced the release of the 3rd major version of its ENPAQ product. With significant improvements in the IT Manageability module the new release brings in a great level of remote control to Distributed Enterprises. Innovation in the underlying framework, including automatic online updates of the firmware, will make subsequent releases far simpler and easier for customers to deploy.

The IT Manageability module of the ENPAQ now includes support for IT Asset Management including software deployment. With a simple user interface, it has never been easier to deploy software across hundreds of PCs simultaneously.

The ENPAQ’s new online patch management allows administrators to automatically deploy the latest updates to the ENPAQ firmware with zero manual intervention. This is especially useful for customers with ENPAQs across hundreds of their locations, enabling them to use the latest features in the newest releases with minimum effort.

With 3G and next-gen CDMA becoming strong alternatives to wired connections, support for the latest 3G & CDMA modems is critical. The latest release includes support for all USB modems from major 3G & CDMA Broadband providers.

Shekar Nair, CEO at Elina Networks said, “With more than 1000 ENPAQs in the field, we have one of the fastest growing deployments in India. Our customers will find even more innovation and business benefit from our solutions in our 3rd major release.

Elina is focused on the Distributed Enterprise market, with marquee customers in Broking, Retail & Logistics/Distribution. Elina’s modular approach to solving the IT & Networking challenges of Business Continuity and Business Visibility in Distributed Enterprises is being adopted by industry leaders such as AnandRathi & Chettinad Cements. The seven modules, Network Security, Network Continuity, Network Visibility, Business Communication, Remote Business, IT Manageability & Business Visibility together combine to deliver business continuity to distributed enterprises across India.

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About Elina Networks

Elina creates networking & IT management solutions that deliver business continuity and visibility, through robust network security, reliable connectivity, and effective remote IT management. In doing so, Elina helps increase productivity of customer’s business transactions, secure their enterprise resources from hackers & viruses, and make their IT team look very good by improving their IT Responsiveness at a high Return on Investment (RoI).

Elina Networks is committed to helping distributed enterprises across various verticals resolve their current IT delivery pain points through leading edge software & excellent support. AnandRathi, Motilal Oswal, Geojit, RPG Spencer’s Retail, Chettinad Cements, ITI Financials, TIV/Cavinkare, LifeKen, CRI Pumps, BSNL, BEL, RailTel are some customers using Elina’s solution successfully to increase their business productivity while experiencing an excellent RoI. For more information, visit


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