Fashion Quotient

Anna Wintour couldn’t be everywhere so god made Instagram influencers!



I have to consciously make an effort to keep away from all the distractions that surround me.

Happiness – pt .1

I have been thinking of happiness, reading up on it, trying to understand whether I am truly happy. See, the…


Friends— not the 90s sitcom — the real and virtual ones we all have. This post is going to be…

New Resolutions

A month ago, I made a decision to stick to my decisions first of all. And then I decided to try and add things I wanted to change in my life gradually every month of this year.

Why the hiatus?

The inability to distinguish between the truth and falsehood or even facts and opinions has left the masses in chaos.

Am I back? AGAIN!

This is me taking my own advice from years ago. This time it going to be different because I have a plan in place and a strong support from you all.